Salter EK1548 Electric Soup Maker Review

Save on the hassle of homemade soup making with the Salter EK1548.

Why would you need an electric soup maker?

The usual way of soup making can be a bit hectic seeing that ingredients have to be boiled and blended separately. But with an electric soup maker, your ingredients are cooked in the same unit which also blends them to your preferred texture.

In this article, we look into a popular soup maker; the Salter EK1548.

Which factors are the most important in the search for an electric soup maker?

  • Price

Soup makers are in two main categories: blender soup makers and kettle soup makers. Blender soup makers can have higher price tags than kettle soup makers owing to their capability for more advanced functions. Kettle soup makers are the most common hence their price is not over the top.

  • Capacity and Advanced Features

Apart from price, it’s vital that you know which superior features to look for in a soup maker. These features include overspill control functions, non-stick coatings, cleaning systems.

Review of the Salter EK1548 Soup Maker

The Salter brand strives to achieve simplicity in everyday gadgets. This is an excellent device which comes with automatic settings and a built-in cleaning programme. It eases on the complicated soup making process such that you can have hot soup in 20 minutes.

If you are always busy and can’t spare a few hours to prepare healthy soup, then you’ll be happy with this unit. From chunky vegetable soup to soups that would take ages to make like Mexican soup, Salter can do it all in 20 minutes.

Will be a waste of cash getting the Salter Ek1548 Soup Maker?


  • Fast programmes
  • Three automatic settings
  • Large capacity
  • Clear easy-to-follow instructions
  • Quieter than most soup makers in its category


  • Not ideal for making small soup quantities

Features of the Salter EK1548 Soup Maker

This soup maker has incredible functions for making your perfect bowl of soup. You just have to choose a recipe, put in the ingredients and press a button to get it to work. It is ideal when you are new to soup making or you’d rather not make soup with lots of fuss.

How complicated can it be to use the Salter EK1548? Let’s find out.

Three Automatic Settings

This is not a very advanced soup maker. It has only two functions for making soup. These include puree and chunky settings. It can either give the usual soup without any bites or chunky soup that has a few veggies to bite on.

If you want to make two bowlfuls of either soup; first use the chunky setting to prepare the soup, pour out the first bowl, and then press the puree setting to give you smooth soup. Remember that the chunkier you cut your ingredients, the longer it will take for the soup to cook. And if you want the creamiest soup, then you’ll want to cut vegetables into tiny pieces.

Better still, there’s a third blending function. It allows you to use the unit without heat. This means you can have cold juices and smoothies for breakfast. It gives it an edge over soup makers that may not allow using the maker without heat.

1000W of Power

1000W power facilitates the fast programmes. It stacks up to the competition seeing it is the only model that can make soup in 20 minutes. Other models can do it in 21 minutes for the Morphy Richards model and others in 23 minutes like the Tefal, soup maker.

Simple Controls

If it’s your first time buying a soup maker, you may be wondering what happens on the controls. When you receive your Salter EK1548, you will also receive an instructions manual. But to save you from a series of instructions, you’ll find all the controls on the lid of this soup maker. The settings are well-labeled to prevent confusion during use of this device.

Intelligent Control System

Unlike other makers that need “babysitting” to prevent overspilling, this unit has an automatic setting for that. It regulates heat which keeps the food cooking without hitting and lifting the lead. You can leave it cooking since it also prevents food from burning. Now, you can go on with other house chores as it will beep to alert you when the soup is ready.

Use your Favourite ingredients.

This unit includes some simple recipes to kickstart your soup making. But it doesn’t mean restricting yourself to these soup makers. With this model, you have the chance to experiment with a variety of ingredients as you go.

Salter EK1548 can work with ingredients cut into 2-3cm. It is also advisable to precook such ingredients as meat since it does not have enough temperature to fully cook raw stuff. Otherwise, with your pre-cooked food like dinner leftovers, this maker can create delicious meals in minutes.

Thoughtful Capacity

The Salter EK1548 has an impressive 1.6L capacity. One programme can make soup for six people using standard size bowls. It competes effectively with other products in its category thanks to its large capacity. It will work efficiently for large households and for you if you are fond of inviting friends over on weekends.

Easy to Clean

The process of cleaning Salter will win you over to buying this unit. It has an inbuilt cleaning programme. It also comes with a brush and cleaning cloth. When you put in some water and start the unit, it will kick start the cleaning programme which loosens any stuck food from the sides and base plate.

You’ll also like that the jug detaches from the unit to facilitate cleaning without cords. It’s crucial that you don’t immerse this soup maker in water. Otherwise, you’ll damage the electrical components in it and reduce the life of this unit the next time you’ll be using it.

What do other customers have to say?

I couldn’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it when looking for the best soup maker. I had to know what consumers of the Salter EK1548 are saying about the product. It’s not a surprise the internet had lots of reviews for this maker since it is a popular model.

Here are some of the reviews.

Lots of people are pleased with this model. I feel it’s a remarkable buy. Salter has designed a unit that spans across soup lovers. It is versatile in terms of ingredients to use, and the blending function can make delicious fruit juices. If you want your soup to taste better, we believe this is the maker to achieve just that.

Close Competitors

Berg 1350W Soup Maker and Blender

Berg is distinct to the Salter EK1548. It has four temperature settings alongside a PULSE function. You can also blend ingredients to the ideal thickness by selecting a speed setting. This model allows you to see the mode and time left on an LED countdown timer.

With 1350W combined power, Berg has three functions for fast soup making. The heating mode combines with the blending mode meaning you can make soup in 20-30 minutes. It has smooth and chunky settings, plus a blending function. You’ll like using the dedicated ICE button which will help you prepare iced drinks.

Here’s more on Berg 1350W soup maker

Morphy Richards 501016 Soup and Smoothie Maker

This soup maker can prepare soup for six people. It has a unique top-down blade which frees up space to include more ingredients. It has four settings including the juice and blending functions for creating healthy smoothies and delicious juices.

A digital interface timer helps you to track the progress of your soup. Cleaning is straightforward owing to the top down blade design. It is a convenient gadget when you want an all-in-one appliance.

Get the Morphy Richards 501016 here

Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker

A fuss-free way to make soups, juices, smoothies, juices, and shakes is what the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker is all about. This model is not an entry-level model. It has all the advanced features to look forward to a well-thought product. With 1100W power, the maker can make soup in less than 25 minutes.

It includes a reheat feature and a boil function. Its safety features include an anti-dry shut off to prevent food from burning. It also has a clear line for the maximum level. The pulse function doubles as the cleaning setting.

Find out more about the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker Here.

Comparison Table

Model Settings Capacity Cleaning Unique Features
Salter EK 1548 Electric Soup Maker Puree, chunky, and blend 1.6L Inbuilt cleaning programme (jug is detachable) Intelligent control system
Berg 1350W Soup Maker and Blender 3 temperature, 4-speed, and pulse 1.7L Soapy wiping and rinsing ICE button, speed and temperature settings
Morphy Richards 501016 Soup and Smoothie Maker Smooth, chunky, juice, and blend 1.6L Soapy sponge and cold water rinsing Digital interface and top down blade
Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker Smooth, chunky, and speed settings 1.7L Pulse function Auto-shut off setting, reheat and boil functions



The Salter EK1548 is a good buy for busy professionals looking to live a healthy lifestyle. It has simple functions to uncomplicate things in the kitchen. The kettle does not need watching, and it keeps food from burning. This is an all-around product with a reasonable price.

Get the Salter EK1548 here.

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