Cooks Professional Electric Soup and Smoothie Maker Review

Making homemade soup couldn’t be easier with the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker.

It allows you to make soup with minimum fuss which is unlike what you’d experience every day when making soup. It can create delicious soup in less than half an hour with fresh ingredients enabling you to have fresh soups straight from your kitchen.

In this post, we are all about the Cooks Professional and why it is an excellent soup maker for every soup lover.

A few factors to consider before buying a soup maker

  • Price

As always, the first factor is always price as it is not clear-cut how much you should pay for a soup maker. The features in a soup maker usually go hand in hand with the price tag. If you want a maker with very few functions, a cheap soup maker will cut it since these gadgets perform nearly the same when making soup.

  • Soup Making Blenders vs. Soup Making Kettles

You’ll encounter either of these designs. Soup making kettles tend to be cheaper since they are more popular then soup making blenders. You’ll not be able to see through a kettle soup maker unlike when using a blender soup maker.

Review of the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker

Cooks Professional offers a range of kitchen gadgets with this soup maker their most popular item. This particular model features a thoughtful design and can be found in either a glass or stainless steel jug. For this review, we’ll be featuring the glass jug model.

If you want a soup maker with numerous features like a touchscreen display or sautéing function, this is not your ideal pick, but it suits you if you want a unit that serves as a soup maker and a blender.

Will it be a waste of money buying the Cooks Professional Soup Maker? Here are the pros and cons.


  • 7L capacity
  • 1100W power to facilitate fast programmes
  • Chunky and smooth settings
  • No need for a pan
  • Preheat and keep warm functions
  • Comes with a recipe book
  • Can be used as a blender


  • It is a bit heavy

Features of the Cooks Professional Electrical Soup Maker

Nobody wants to be blank when operating any appliance. And when it comes to the Cooks Professional, this brand has done an excellent job to ensure the settings and features are fuss-free to use.

High-Quality Glass Jug

Although there’s not much style you can add to a soup maker to improve its practicality, we are impressed with how Cooks Professional has presented this product. It is a shiny glass body with a plastic lead and handle, plus a chrome base. The clear jug lets you see as the maker gets to work meaning you’ll have an idea if the soup is going to turn out as you anticipated.

Effortless Soup Making

If your soup making pursuit has always involved a series of actions that can take more than two hours, then you have yourself a winner in this model. This soup maker allows you to put in fresh ingredients from your favourite recipe and have hot soup in less than 30 minutes.

Make Soup to your ideal Consistency

The smooth and chunky settings are important when you want to personalize your soup. Since you can tell the stage at which your soup is, it’s pretty easy to heat the stop button when you feel it has reached the right consistency.

What’s more, it has a pulse function which helps you get the soup to the right consistency. The pulse setting is unique in that if you forget to add some ingredients or you want to add some spice to improve the flavour, you just lift the lid, add the spice, and hit the pulse button to finish cooking.

Simple Controls

One thing that stands out about this model is that the controls are not on the lid but are on the handle. These are simple push buttons which make selection straightforward. You have a contraption with only five buttons so you’ll never get confused when trying to use a certain feature.

Doubles as a Blender

The manual pulse feature allows using this soup maker as a blender. You can fix juices, smoothies, cookies, and the like with the help of the stainless steel blades. This way, you will not be putting this soup maker away in summer. It is even more useful for making breakfast cereal smoothies so you will never lack use for this unit.

Reheat/Boil Function

With this soup maker, you don’t have to serve the soup as soon as it is cooked when you don’t want to. You can make soup in advance and when it’s time to serve, use the boil function to heat the soup. Soup can be served straight from the jug thanks to the pouring lip as it prevents drips to the outside of the jug.

Good Capacity

With a 1.2L soup making capacity, this unit allows cooking soup for up to four normal servings. If you have a small family, one batch will be more than enough, and if you are just entertaining yourself, you can be sure to have leftovers for the next day.

Safety Features

Apart from the inner line which indicates where the maximum should be, this maker explores an anti-dry shut off feature. It is important since when you happen to add too little stock or water, this feature will prevent food from getting burnt. It also cuts the power when you lift the lid to avoid burns from boiling soup. It acts as the pause function when you want to add spices during the cooking cycle.

Effortless Cleaning

We don’t think you’ll be dealing with burnt food with this model, but if you do, the clean function on this unit will make it not look like a big deal. Just add water and cleaning liquid, and then hit the pulse function to start the clean cycle. After that, it’s only a matter of rinsing, and your soup maker is in top operating condition.

Customer Reviews

Am glad I get to read what others have to say about a product before I recommend it. With the Cooks Professional, it was pretty easy to find reviews as it is a top-performing item on the internet.

Here are a few views on this item.

A large number of users are happy with their purchase. From what you can see, Cooks Professional is an incredible soup maker if you are looking for the simplest way out in soup making.

Close Competitors

Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender

The Duronic BL78 looks almost similar to the Cooks Professional model you may assume they are from the same company. Apart from the similarities in looks, the functions perform with the same excellence. This unit works as a soup maker and as a blender. It has the settings on the handle which include the pulse function for making soup to your desired consistency.

This model is, however, more expensive, but it includes a cleaning brush and very clear instructions.

Here’s more about the Duronic BL78.

Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker

The Total Control Soup maker is an advanced model for those who want a sophisticated kitchen gadget. It features nine settings which work to ease the soup making process. It has a sauté feature to help in the frying of ingredients as well as a reheat and keep warm function.

This soup maker comes with a digital touchscreen, and it competes effectively because the two units make cold juices with similar quality. Plus this unit has a smaller capacity which can be a big difference if you are making soup for a large group of people.

Check it out here.

Salter EK2411 Soup Maker

Salter has a 1.1L capacity, but it has its unique features. First, if you don’t like babysitting soup as it cooks, you have a unit that controls burning using an intelligent control system. It prevents overspilling meaning you can leave this kettle boiling and only come back when the soup is ready.

The four automatic settings allow making of compote, blending juices, and making smooth or chunky soups. Whichever function you want to see in a soup maker, this model can meet your demands. It’s incredible that such a small jug can help you make fresh soup instead of bringing home pre-cooked ones.

Get the Salter EK2411 here.

Comparison Table

Model Settings Capacity Cleaning Unique Features
Cooks Professional Electric Soup and Smoothie Maker Smooth, chunky, simmer/boil, and pulse 1.7L boiling capacity

1.2L soup making capacity

Pre-cleans using the pulse function Manual pulse, anti-dry auto shut off, and preheat and boil functions
Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender Smooth, chunky, simmer/boil, and pulse 1.7L boiling capacity

1.2L soup making capacity

Pre-cleans using the pulse function Manual pulse and preheat and boil functions
Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker Smooth, medium, chunky, sauté, drinks. Reheat, blend, preclean, and portin 1.6L Preclean function Smart Response Technology
Salter EK2411 Soup Maker Smooth, chunky, compote, and blend 1.1L soup making capacity Cleans using a brush and cloth Intelligent control system



If you are not up to squeezing in a few hours to prepare soup using pans and blenders, you will be happy to own the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker. This gadget saves you time as everything cooks in one pot. You get to see the soup’s progress and make changes as the soup cooks. This is the convenience you can only get from a glass blender soup maker.

Get the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker here.





Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker Review

Make fresh, healthy soup all in one jug with the Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker.

Soup making is not everyone’s cup of tea; especially not with the lengthy process that ends up with you being exhausted and being unable to enjoy what you made. With a soup maker, all the mess and fuss becomes a thing of the past.

In this article, well be looking at the features that make this soup maker great as well as what’s not to like about this model.

Which things should you take into consideration when looking to own a soup maker.

  • Range of features

We have mentioned before in our reviews about the importance of having multiple functions in a soup maker. These features include the capacity of the maker to not only cook soup but make other things like juices and smoothies. With the price that you’ll be paying for the soup maker, it’s going to reflect on how many functions it can perform.

  • Cleaning

It’s important to factor in the cleaning time since it’s no use having soup in seven minutes and then spending ages disassembling parts for cleaning. Look for designs with non-stick coating or pre-cleaning features, and dishwasher safe parts.

Review of the Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker

Lakeland is a legend in the world of kitchen appliances and products that save effort, time, and money. The newest product to their vast line of tools is the Lakeland Touchscreen soup and smoothie maker designed to bring simplicity to a busy lifestyle.

This soup maker does more than just cook soup. It can cook hot soups as well as make cold drinks. It can also prepare baby food, milkshakes, sauces, and the like. You are set with a kitchen appliance that can handle just about anything.

Will be worth it investing in the Lakeland Touchscreen soup and smoothie maker?


  • Sleek and sturdy design
  • Four pre-programmed functions
  • Touchscreen LED control panel
  • It has a countdown timer
  • Auto-clean setting
  • It has an Ice setting
  • Makes more than soups
  • Gets into standby mode for 20 minutes


  • The auto-clean feature does not remove all the stuck food

Features of the Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker

This unit carries lots of controls and settings. We want to know if the process of using this soup maker will be accompanied by confusion and a feeling of lacking control when using it. But we believe every function has its purpose, so let’s dive in.

Stylish but sturdy jug design

First things first; on receiving your Lakeland soup maker, you’ll notice that it is a heavy-duty glass jug. This goes on to indicate the value and the durability of this product. The glass jug is accompanied by a stainless steel base and black plastic handle and lid. These are great features if you want a beautiful model which blends in with other kitchen appliances.

Clear Glass Jug

A clear jug is a welcome feature since it offers you a good view of the soup as it cooks. This way, you can make changes like allowing the soup to boil longer when you see chunks or touch the Start/Stop function when the soup reaches a particular thickness. This jug is excellent when making smoothies as you can see if the fruits have appropriately blended.

You will like that there is a measuring cup on the lid which is an excellent addition when measuring ingredients.

The lid also has feed hole where you can add ingredients in the middle of a cooking cycle. Remember to touch the STOP symbol before removing the measuring cup.

Easy to Use

If you have no experience in the kitchen, don’t worry because Lakeland will make you look like an expert. Everything goes in the jug, so you just have to choose and prepare the ingredients and select either smooth or chunky setting. It can make smooth soup in 25 minutes while chunky soup gets ready in around 30 minutes.

This soup maker even stirs the food as it cooks. After two minutes of the soup heating, this maker will stir the contents then stir it again at the end of the cooking cycle. This ensures your ingredients mix appropriately for that improved flavour.

Manual Programmes

Apart from the automatic settings, Lakeland allows you to make soup using your recipes. You can set the timer for up to 60 minutes and the temperature from 750 to 1000 C. This allows making soup from other ingredients other than vegetables. This goes for such stuff like chicken and meat.

The manual blend speeds include low, medium, or high. They allow making soup and other drinks to your ideal consistency. You’ll notice that chunky settings does not produce chunky bits so you can select a medium blend function to get it to the thickness you want.

Not just for soup

We’ve referred to this maker as being more than a soup maker. This is in regard to the fact that it has an ice crushing function which comes in handy when making frozen smoothies and cocktails. It works without heating ingredients so you can make milkshakes with no problem.

LED, Touchscreen Control Panel

This soup maker has an intuitive touchscreen panel. You will make selections by touching it, and the unit will automatically perform that specific function. The various symbols are well-described on the manual from the chunky on the extreme left to the blend function on the extreme right of the panel.

When you make a selection, it illuminates, so you will always know what you touched or did not touch. It’s pretty easy to use especially for beginners.

Flexible Capacity

You can make up to 1.7 litres of cold drinks with Lakeland. For soup, it allows filling the jug with a maximum level of 1.4 litres and not less than 600ml. It is suitable for making soup for small or large families as it can cater to both needs.

A soup maker that cleans after itself

The Lakeland jug includes the blades and heating plate at the base. This means it is not dishwasher safe and it cannot be immersed in water either. But don’t worry about cleaning the product since it has an auto-clean feature.

Add water and liquid soap then touch the auto-clean setting to clean the unit. The cleaning mixture will run for five minutes under the blades and sides where food is most susceptible to sticking. You can then use a brush to get to any food that could still be stuck, then pour out the liquid. After, rinse the jug and dry so that it’s ready for its next use.

Customer Reviews

Users have an influential voice, and as always, I always make a point of knowing what others have to say about a particular soup maker. In this case, I scoured the internet, and this is what is found about the Lakeland Soup and Smoothie Maker.

This soup maker is popular for all the right reasons. It is functional, practical and easy to use. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in soup making you can be sure this model is going to be of great use.

Close Competitors

Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker

Like the Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie maker, Morphy Richards also uses a touch control panel on the lid. It is a very convenient and advanced unit when you need a unit to sauté ingredients, make smooth or chunky soup, and fix drinks. This soup maker also cleans easily using an automatic function.

The maker will keep your soup warm, and if it gets cold, you can reheat later to indulge in a bowl of steaming hot soup. If you are never sure whether your ingredients are enough for the number of portions you need, this maker gives you a portion control system through Smart Response Technology. It is a sophisticated feature which will be well worth your money.

Get the Morphy Richards 501020 here.

Tefal BL841140 Soup Maker

The versatility of the Tefal BL841140 is what makes this model a favourite. You have four cooking programmes and one cleaning setting. It has a double wall construction for keeping food warm as well as a reheat feature. This soup maker has small capacity hence its ideal for up to three servings.

Learn more about the Tefal BL841140 here.

Duronic BL91 Soup maker

Although it does not have a touchscreen control panel, the Duronic BL91 is a close competitor of the Lakeland Touchscreen, soup maker. It can make soup in 20-30 minutes so you can have hot soup with minimum procedures and with less effort.

Duronic BL91 has pre-programmed functions including the functions for making sauces and crushing ice. This maker also allows reheating of soup instead of just giving an allowance of a few minutes before the soup turns cold.

Learn more about this soup maker here.

Comparison Table

Model Functions Capacity Cleaning Unique Features
Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker Smooth, chunky, sauce, ice crushing, auto-clean, temperature, speed, and blend 1.7L for cold liquids

1.4L for soup

Auto-clean feature Three speeds for blending, ice crushing, and sauce making
Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker Smooth, medium, chunky, sauté, drinks, blend, portion, pre-clean, and reheat 1.6L Pre-clean feature Sautéing and three soup settings
Tefal BL841140 Soup Maker Smooth, chunky, compote, blend, and pre-clean 1.2L Pre-clean feature Keep warm and reheat functions
Duronic BL91 Soup Maker Smooth, chunky, blend, juice, sauce, steam/boil, and ice settings 1.75L for cold drinks

1.4L for soup

Pulse function allows pre-cleaning (it comes with a scourer and brush) Steams vegetables, can steam eggs, and make sauces



Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker is without a doubt a very innovative model. It is designed to meet the needs of a busy lifestyle as well as the needs for beginners in soup making. It has incredible quality and makes soups, sauces, smoothies, juices, baby food, and so much more. Every kitchen needs a versatile appliance. Make the Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smooth Maker you go-to for all-around needs.

Get the Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker here.



Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender Review

Discover a new way of making piping hot soup with the Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender.

If you want the taste of fresh homemade soup and are not willing to spare hours to get down to the kitchen, then you can save a few minutes and get it done fast and easy with this soup maker. A soup maker is an item we’ve all come to love thanks to the expediency they bring the modern kitchen.

In this article, well be analyzing the features and benefits of the Duronic BL78 soup maker. It is a blender design; an additional reason as to why we’ll be looking at it.

Which features are essential in the search for the best soup maker?

  • Soup Making Blender vs. Soup Making Kettle

These designs are the two main types of soup makers. As far as price is concerned, kettle soup makers are always more affordable since they are trendy, and you don’t have to contend with loud blending noise. These models are also strict on the quantities of soup you can make.

Soup making blenders tend to be flexible with quantity and the functions you can achieve with them. These models can prepare soup faster, but this comes at the cost of noise as they cook and blend at the same time.

  • Capacity

With some soup makers, you cannot overfill or go beyond an absolute minimum. That’s why it’s crucial that you keep in mind how many servings you need to get from your specific soup maker. Getting a soup maker with a 1L capacity is ideal for one or two people, but if you are a family of six, you are better off with a model with a 1.6L size or more.

Review of the Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender

Inspired by new technologies, the Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender is aimed at catering for everyday lifestyles. It works to simplify household tasks in this case, soup making, which has always been associated with hours of preparation and cooking.

This model is ideal if you want a multifunctional soup maker to liven up cooking skills. It can also work as a regular blender meaning you also get to make smoothies and shakes to your liking.

Will it be a benefit getting this soup maker?


  • Clear glass jug
  • Cooks soup in approximately 20 minutes
  • 2L soup cooking capacity
  • 4-piece blade
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Powerful 900W heater


  • It is heavy owing to the glass jug, but the handle provides easy handling

Features of the Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender

How hard can it be using a soup maker? After all, there not many features when making soup, so we don’t expect to hassle with the functions of the Duronic BL78.

Instant Soup in Minutes

Don’t you want to know what goes into your food? That’s the convenience brought about by this soup maker. This blender will automatically cook and blend your vegetables in only 20 minutes. Talk about the fast mornings you have, and desire to take something for lunch. Only a quick soup maker can get you soup in the shortest time.

This soup maker can deal with all kinds of raw ingredients from leek, to carrots, butternut squash, and many others. You can also bring in dinner leftovers like the chicken you put in the refrigerator for some spicy chicken soup. This maker opens possibilities for numerous choices of soup flavours according to the ingredients you bring.

Reheat Cold Soup

The Duronic BL78 allows reheating of soup after it goes cold. This means you can make soup hours before the serving time and then hit the simmer/boil function to bring it to the right temperature. It is a well-thought function, so you don’t have to schedule the right time for preparing the soup. Minutes are all you need to prepare it while you can take hours after that to take delight in your freshly made soup.

Good Capacity

This soup making blender has flexible capacities. It has a maximum 1.7L capacity when boiling liquids like water while it has a 1.2L capacity for making soup. It allows you to feed up to three people in one setting. Not to mention, it has clear lines of the maximum and minimum enabling you to be safe when you put in the ingredients.

We like that you can see the soup as it boils so that you can tell how the soup is going to turn out. Since you can see the progress of the soup, you will be able to make adjustments as you go. It comes in handy where some ingredients have to be put towards the end of a cooking cycle.

Powerful heater and Motor

The BL78 utilizes a 900W heater which cooks soup thoroughly until its ready in the mentioned time. It is an important aspect as there’s no need to have soup in 20 minutes if it’s going to be hot but undercooked. That’s where the powerful heater comes in.

The heater is complemented by a 300W blender which chops and refines the ingredients as it blends them. With the help of a 4-piece blade, you can rest easy since if you’d like to have smooth soup, you won’t encounter any unblended pieces. It also gives chunky soup. All you need is just choosing the chunky button before the soup starts cooking.

The 4-piece blade is attached to the lid of this maker thus making it easy to clean the jug. It’s hard to manoeuvre your way around blades that sit at the base of a jug more so for blenders. But this is not the case with this Duronic model.

Effortless controls

Speaking of soup consistency choices, this soup maker allows you to have soup with the ideal thickness by just hitting a button. It also comes with a manual pulse feature which is a great addition when you don’t want to use either the smooth or chunky setting.

Ergonomic Handle and Pouring Sprout

Although this soup maker seems to be a bit heavy, it has an ergonomic handle which helps with the portability of this unit. You’ll not have to deal with a heavy glass jar that makes it hard to carry it from one counter to the other.

Another thoughtful feature is the pouring sprout as it prevents messy drips when serving soup directly from the jug. This keeps the glass jar clean mean it can sit elegantly on the dinner table.

Easy Cleaning

You have a glass jar that cleans fast using a brush and soapy water. But before that, you have the convenience of using the pulse function to clean this maker automatically. When you pre-clean this maker, you’ll get rid of any food that gets stuck to the bottom, thus giving you an easy time after you make your soup.

Customer Views

When searching for the ideal soup maker, I came across some interesting reviews about this product. These are views that help guide my decision in whether it is a good pick or just a waste of money.

Here are some of those reviews

I am happy that most users are praising this product. I believe you’ll have a great experience when using the Duronic BL78.

Close Competitors

Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker

Just like the Duronic BL78, this soup maker can create soup in 20 minutes. But with this model, you can sauté veggies and other stuff for more flavour. It has speed and temperature settings giving you more control over the functions.

The non-stick sautéing cooking plate and the self-cleaning feature make maintenance for the Cuisinart a breeze.

Here’s more about this soup maker.

Cooks Professional Electric Soup and Smoothie Maker

The functions and design of the Cooks Professional soup are in very near similarity with the Duronic BL78. This model, however, uses lesser power on the heater and motor at a total of 1100W against 1200W for the Duronic BL78. It means that soup may take longer to cook in this model than with the Duronic BL78.

Nevertheless, this unit has an anti-dry feature which cuts power to prevent food from getting burnt. It is an ideal pick for making shakes and smoothies alongside delicious soups.

Get the Cooks Professional soup maker here

Duronic BL91 Soup Maker Steamer

Duronic offers a range of soup makers including the BL91 model. This model features eight pre-programmed settings, unlike the BL78 which only has four programmes. It can make sauces and crush ice by just pressing a button.

The BL91 comes with a 1.7L capacity with a 1.4 soup making capacity for 3-5 servings. It means the difference when you want to prepare soup for a large family.

Get the Duronic BL91 here.

Features Comparison Table

Model Settings Capacity Cleaning Unique Features
Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender Smooth, chunky, simmer/boil, and pulse 1.7L boiling capacity

1.2L soup making capacity

Pulse function doubles as a pre-clean feature Ergonomic handle and reheat function
Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker Sauté, boil/simmer, smooth, chunky, blend, and ice crushing 1.75L for cool liquids

1.4L for soup

Self-clean feature Thermal glass jar and ice crushing capability
Cooks Professional Electric Soup and Smoothie Maker Smooth, chunky, simmer/boil, and pulse 1.7L boil capacity

1.2L soup making

Pre-clean using the pulse setting Anti-dry shut-off feature and reheat function
Duronic BL91 Soup Maker Steamer Smooth, chunky, pulse, ice, sauce, steam/boil, 1.75L for cool liquids

1.4L for soup

Pre-clean using the pulse function (brush and scourer included) Eight multiple functions and steamer basket included



Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender brings the comfort of making fresh soup in our kitchens. It’s your go-to for blending fruits, making smoothies, and cocktails every single day. This model serves lots of purposes. If you need versatility, flexibility, and convenience in your kitchen, this unit will make all these possibilities true.

Get the Duronic BL78 here.



Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker

Great soups and smoothies can be quick and effortless to make with the Total Control Soup maker by Morphy Richards.

Everyone loves a bowl of delicious soup, but when you think about the hassle involved in preparing, you may just give up and opt for shop-bought soup. But you don’t need to go through such stress anymore; at least not when you have the Total Control, Soup Maker.

In today’s post, our focus is on this model as it brings the convenience of soup making to a whole new level. Let’s see what it’s all about.

But first; a few reminders on the features to look for in a soup blender

  • Multifunctional features

Just to remind you about the convenience of having an appliance that can perform multiple functions. You just don’t want the soup maker to cook soup; you’ll also want it to take over other duties of making juices and smoothies. This way, you won’t end up with a gadget that is a waste of space.

  • Price

This is another most important factor, as everything has a price and if you don’t have a budget, you may be swayed to buy the most expensive soup maker you find on the market. Extra features are nice but what we noticed is that at some point, the highest price tag may not reflect the true value of a soup maker.

Review of the Morphy Richards Total Control 501020 Soup Maker

This unit is part of Morphy Richard’s Total Control soup makers which feature Smart Response technology. It comes with the most advanced features we have ever seen on a Morphy Richards. Unlike other models in this line, this soup maker has nine functions including a sautéing feature.

This is not your average entry-level machine. If you are new to soup making, you may never realise the real benefits of this unit, and you may want to start with other makers that lack some of the features showcased by this model.

So, is it worth spending your cash on this item?


  • Smart Response technology
  • Portion Control function
  • It has pre-clean settings
  • Automatic settings for pre-heat and keep warm
  • Saute feature for tweaking soup
  • Supported by a cook and create App


Needs to cool down before cleaning.

Features of the Total Control 501020 Soup Maker

Looking at this soup maker, it does not feel like the most straightforward kitchen appliance. But we have a feeling it’s not going to be a headache using it. From the performance, to the multiple functions, Morphy Richards has done a great job.

Smart Response Technology

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this unit is the use of smart response technology. It allows you to select the number of servings you’d like and your preferred consistency. This ensures the maker can prepare soup with the correct amount of portions. It minimizes wastage when you only need one or two bowlfuls and lets you have enough when you have guests over.

This maker cooks soup for the correct number of minutes according to the input you feed it. You’ll never have to worry about whether your soup is ready or not after it gives a beep indicating the job is complete.

Three Soup Settings

Usually, there are only two soup settings, but the Total Controls comes with three. These include smooth, medium, and chunky settings. It assures you of having soup the way you’d like it each time. It also has a blending function which comes in handy when you want to tweak your soup in a personalized consistency.

Soups to Smoothies

The Total Control Soup maker is a versatile unit allowing you to make even smoothies. It gives you an opportunity to ditch other appliances that can only perform one function. This means you get to enjoy cold drinks in the heat of summer as well as have great choices for breakfast drinks.

Easy Touchscreen Display

As you can see, controls for this soup maker are on the lid. Selecting the ideal function comes easy as it is a touchscreen panel. All you do is touch, and the maker performs the function automatically.

The touchscreen has a lit timer which allows you to see the progress of your food while it’s cooking. It also opens up possibilities for playing with the various settings when creating a customized soup.

Sautéing Function

This soup maker has the browning feature which comes in handy when you want to include such ingredients as meat. You can cook a few things using some oil on the base pan like onions, spices, and garlic while still preserving their flavour. And when you add in the vegetables, you have soup that is more flavourful, unlike soups that have just been boiled.

Reheat- and keep warm functions

Prepare soup and have it at the time of your liking. As soon as this device prepares soup, it goes into the keep warm mode which keeps the soup hot for hours. If you are not ready to eat your soup and it goes cold, you have the reheat function which quickly brings the soup to the ideal serving temperature.

This function is more important if you live a busy lifestyle where cooking meals and finding time to sit down and relish the meal can be a bit of a hassle.

Easy to Clean

This soup maker is constructed using a stainless steel jug. It is quite easy to clean thanks to a pre-cleaning option. You only need to add water and the cleaning liquid and touch the pre-clean setting. This maker will go to work, and you’ll not need to go through scrubbing using a scouring pad. It works perfectly by ensuring all the hard work has been done for you.

Since it is only a pre-clean function, you will still need to wash the rest of the surface as it removes any food that gets stuck to the bottom. With a soapy sponge followed a cold water rinse, this maker will be sparkly and ready for work the next time you need it.

A quick note: the Total Control soup maker must be allowed to cool down completely before cleaning.

Customer views

In my quest to find the best soup maker, I did stop to read reviews about this particular soup maker. As always, I find it hard to speak of a product’s good side without looking at what others have to say about.

Here’s what I found out about this particular soup maker.

From what I have read, most users have seesn satisfactory results from using this soup maker. If you are looking for a reliable replacement for an old model or you are buying your first, Morphy Richards does their best to deliver top results.

Close Competitors

Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker

This is a convenient model for all year use; it can make hot soups for cold winter evenings and help create iced drinks when the temperatures are hot in summer. With a simple to use touchscreen display, you can set the ideal temperature for cooking soup along with the three blend speeds. This means you’ll have soup cooked to the texture you love.

This model includes sauce and soup freezer bags to help stow any leftovers. It is ideal for batch making since it has a large capacity for making a few bowlfuls for the week.

Get the Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker here.

Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker

A unique smoothie maker with all the right functions is what the Morphy Richards Sauté and Smoothie maker brings. The sautéing function is the most attractive since apart from the usual features, it can also brown ingredients.

Whether you want deliciously healthy soup or you’d love to take your soup making skills to the next level, here’s a soup maker suited to your exact needs.

Get the Morphy Richards 501014 here.

Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker

This is a powerful blender soup maker which boasts stainless steel blades which blend sauces and hot soup to your desired consistency. This unit can sauté, simmer, cook, and blend ingredients into delicious homemade soups. It also works as a regular blender allowing you to create smoothies, cocktails, and even crushing ice.

A triple seal lid provides extra safety as it prevents hot the soup from lifting the lid during boiling. It is an impressive design that will bring joy into soup making every day.

Get the Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker here.

Comparison Table

Model Settings Capacity Cleaning Unique Features
Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker Smooth, medium, chunky, blend, reheat, pre-clean, sauté, portion, and drinks 1.6L Pre-cleaning option followed by rinsing Smart Response Technology, portion control, and three soup settings
Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker Temperature, speed, and crushing ice 1.4L for soup and 1.75L for cool liquid Auto-clean function Timer can be set up to 60 minutes and three blend speeds
Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker- Smooth, chunky, juice, blend, and sautéing 1.6L Wiping with a soapy sponge (it has a non-stick coating) Sauteing function
Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker Smooth, chunky, blend, and ice crushing 1.4L for hot liquids and 1.75L for cool liquids Self-clean feature (it has a non-stick cooking plate) Thermal glass jar



Without a doubt, the Morphy Richards Total Control 501014 Soup Maker is a unique appliance. It brings versatility and convenience to the modern kitchen, and you if you live a busy lifestyle. The nine functions make everything so easy since it is only a matter of selecting the function while the Total Control does everything for you.

Get this soup maker here.


Salter EK1548 Electric Soup Maker Review

Save on the hassle of homemade soup making with the Salter EK1548.

Why would you need an electric soup maker?

The usual way of soup making can be a bit hectic seeing that ingredients have to be boiled and blended separately. But with an electric soup maker, your ingredients are cooked in the same unit which also blends them to your preferred texture.

In this article, we look into a popular soup maker; the Salter EK1548.

Which factors are the most important in the search for an electric soup maker?

  • Price

Soup makers are in two main categories: blender soup makers and kettle soup makers. Blender soup makers can have higher price tags than kettle soup makers owing to their capability for more advanced functions. Kettle soup makers are the most common hence their price is not over the top.

  • Capacity and Advanced Features

Apart from price, it’s vital that you know which superior features to look for in a soup maker. These features include overspill control functions, non-stick coatings, cleaning systems.

Review of the Salter EK1548 Soup Maker

The Salter brand strives to achieve simplicity in everyday gadgets. This is an excellent device which comes with automatic settings and a built-in cleaning programme. It eases on the complicated soup making process such that you can have hot soup in 20 minutes.

If you are always busy and can’t spare a few hours to prepare healthy soup, then you’ll be happy with this unit. From chunky vegetable soup to soups that would take ages to make like Mexican soup, Salter can do it all in 20 minutes.

Will be a waste of cash getting the Salter Ek1548 Soup Maker?


  • Fast programmes
  • Three automatic settings
  • Large capacity
  • Clear easy-to-follow instructions
  • Quieter than most soup makers in its category


  • Not ideal for making small soup quantities

Features of the Salter EK1548 Soup Maker

This soup maker has incredible functions for making your perfect bowl of soup. You just have to choose a recipe, put in the ingredients and press a button to get it to work. It is ideal when you are new to soup making or you’d rather not make soup with lots of fuss.

How complicated can it be to use the Salter EK1548? Let’s find out.

Three Automatic Settings

This is not a very advanced soup maker. It has only two functions for making soup. These include puree and chunky settings. It can either give the usual soup without any bites or chunky soup that has a few veggies to bite on.

If you want to make two bowlfuls of either soup; first use the chunky setting to prepare the soup, pour out the first bowl, and then press the puree setting to give you smooth soup. Remember that the chunkier you cut your ingredients, the longer it will take for the soup to cook. And if you want the creamiest soup, then you’ll want to cut vegetables into tiny pieces.

Better still, there’s a third blending function. It allows you to use the unit without heat. This means you can have cold juices and smoothies for breakfast. It gives it an edge over soup makers that may not allow using the maker without heat.

1000W of Power

1000W power facilitates the fast programmes. It stacks up to the competition seeing it is the only model that can make soup in 20 minutes. Other models can do it in 21 minutes for the Morphy Richards model and others in 23 minutes like the Tefal, soup maker.

Simple Controls

If it’s your first time buying a soup maker, you may be wondering what happens on the controls. When you receive your Salter EK1548, you will also receive an instructions manual. But to save you from a series of instructions, you’ll find all the controls on the lid of this soup maker. The settings are well-labeled to prevent confusion during use of this device.

Intelligent Control System

Unlike other makers that need “babysitting” to prevent overspilling, this unit has an automatic setting for that. It regulates heat which keeps the food cooking without hitting and lifting the lead. You can leave it cooking since it also prevents food from burning. Now, you can go on with other house chores as it will beep to alert you when the soup is ready.

Use your Favourite ingredients.

This unit includes some simple recipes to kickstart your soup making. But it doesn’t mean restricting yourself to these soup makers. With this model, you have the chance to experiment with a variety of ingredients as you go.

Salter EK1548 can work with ingredients cut into 2-3cm. It is also advisable to precook such ingredients as meat since it does not have enough temperature to fully cook raw stuff. Otherwise, with your pre-cooked food like dinner leftovers, this maker can create delicious meals in minutes.

Thoughtful Capacity

The Salter EK1548 has an impressive 1.6L capacity. One programme can make soup for six people using standard size bowls. It competes effectively with other products in its category thanks to its large capacity. It will work efficiently for large households and for you if you are fond of inviting friends over on weekends.

Easy to Clean

The process of cleaning Salter will win you over to buying this unit. It has an inbuilt cleaning programme. It also comes with a brush and cleaning cloth. When you put in some water and start the unit, it will kick start the cleaning programme which loosens any stuck food from the sides and base plate.

You’ll also like that the jug detaches from the unit to facilitate cleaning without cords. It’s crucial that you don’t immerse this soup maker in water. Otherwise, you’ll damage the electrical components in it and reduce the life of this unit the next time you’ll be using it.

What do other customers have to say?

I couldn’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it when looking for the best soup maker. I had to know what consumers of the Salter EK1548 are saying about the product. It’s not a surprise the internet had lots of reviews for this maker since it is a popular model.

Here are some of the reviews.

Lots of people are pleased with this model. I feel it’s a remarkable buy. Salter has designed a unit that spans across soup lovers. It is versatile in terms of ingredients to use, and the blending function can make delicious fruit juices. If you want your soup to taste better, we believe this is the maker to achieve just that.

Close Competitors

Berg 1350W Soup Maker and Blender

Berg is distinct to the Salter EK1548. It has four temperature settings alongside a PULSE function. You can also blend ingredients to the ideal thickness by selecting a speed setting. This model allows you to see the mode and time left on an LED countdown timer.

With 1350W combined power, Berg has three functions for fast soup making. The heating mode combines with the blending mode meaning you can make soup in 20-30 minutes. It has smooth and chunky settings, plus a blending function. You’ll like using the dedicated ICE button which will help you prepare iced drinks.

Here’s more on Berg 1350W soup maker

Morphy Richards 501016 Soup and Smoothie Maker

This soup maker can prepare soup for six people. It has a unique top-down blade which frees up space to include more ingredients. It has four settings including the juice and blending functions for creating healthy smoothies and delicious juices.

A digital interface timer helps you to track the progress of your soup. Cleaning is straightforward owing to the top down blade design. It is a convenient gadget when you want an all-in-one appliance.

Get the Morphy Richards 501016 here

Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker

A fuss-free way to make soups, juices, smoothies, juices, and shakes is what the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker is all about. This model is not an entry-level model. It has all the advanced features to look forward to a well-thought product. With 1100W power, the maker can make soup in less than 25 minutes.

It includes a reheat feature and a boil function. Its safety features include an anti-dry shut off to prevent food from burning. It also has a clear line for the maximum level. The pulse function doubles as the cleaning setting.

Find out more about the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker Here.

Comparison Table

Model Settings Capacity Cleaning Unique Features
Salter EK 1548 Electric Soup Maker Puree, chunky, and blend 1.6L Inbuilt cleaning programme (jug is detachable) Intelligent control system
Berg 1350W Soup Maker and Blender 3 temperature, 4-speed, and pulse 1.7L Soapy wiping and rinsing ICE button, speed and temperature settings
Morphy Richards 501016 Soup and Smoothie Maker Smooth, chunky, juice, and blend 1.6L Soapy sponge and cold water rinsing Digital interface and top down blade
Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker Smooth, chunky, and speed settings 1.7L Pulse function Auto-shut off setting, reheat and boil functions



The Salter EK1548 is a good buy for busy professionals looking to live a healthy lifestyle. It has simple functions to uncomplicate things in the kitchen. The kettle does not need watching, and it keeps food from burning. This is an all-around product with a reasonable price.

Get the Salter EK1548 here.

Salter EK2411 Soup Maker Review

Prepare deliciously healthy homemade soups with the Salter EK2411 Soup Maker.

Soup makers can be expensive depending on the model you are getting. If you are not up to spending hundreds of pounds just to acquire a soup maker, this Salter model is a great pick. You can avoid all the stressful hours that get you tied down to the kitchen just to enjoy a bowl of soup.

Quick look at factors to consider when buying a soup maker

  • Control Settings

Soup makers can perform a variety of things. From soup making to blending juices, preparing purees, smoothies, and cocktails, you soup maker should come with the versatility to handle multiple functions.

Some soup makers can brown the ingredients before you add vegetables thus giving your soup an extra flavour.

Remember that the more the functions on a soup maker, the higher the price.

  • Cleaning

Some soup makers are dishwasher safe while others require cleaning with only soap and water. With others, you’ll have to disassemble parts. It’s important that you know how the cleaning process will go so that you don’t spend hours cleaning the item; hence countering the convenience of the soup maker.

Review of the Salter EK2411 Soup Maker

Salter EK2411 is one of the basic models offered by the Salter brand. It bears an average capacity of only 1.1L meaning it’s only enough for a small family. This product is our favourite pick on a budget as it will appeal to newcomers in the soup makers world.

If you eat soup occasionally or are looking to check out electronic soup makers, the Salter EK2411 is a good place to start. It lives up to our expectations in terms of functionality, controls, and cleaning. It ranks well on the top best soup makers; it’s no wonder we are not just taking a peek but giving you a detailed view of this product.

Is it worth spending your money on the Salter EK2411? Here’s a quick overview


  • Four automatic settings
  • Ideal capacity for a small family
  • Stainless steel jug with a pouring lip
  • Cleaning cloth and brush included
  • Comes with a recipe book
  • Intelligent control system


  • It needs oiling for ingredients that may stick to the bottom

Features of the Salter EK2411 Soup Maker

Here, we are trying to reveal the functions and benefits of this model. We like that even though this soup maker is very affordable; it does not skimp on quality and features.

Powerful Heater and Motor

The 850W heater and 200W motor allow quick soup making as the heat cooks soup in less than 25 minutes. The motorised blade consists two cutting edges which slice the ingredients as the base plate cooks them into the consistency you’d like. This soup maker is at par with other models that cost much more. And because of that, Salter EK2411 wins the hearts of many soup lovers.

Intelligent Control System

Do you ever worry that your soup will burn when you leave it cooking? Well, with the Salter EK2411, it will no longer be bother thanks to the intelligent control system. This function allows the soup to cook like a slow cooker meaning vegetables will rarely stick to the bottom.

You also have a product that controls overspills. It prevents automatic resetting of the contraption if soup boils and threatens to lift the lid.

Choose Between Chunky or Smooth Soup

Although these are universal settings, we feel they are worth mentioning. You get to eat your soup with some chunky bites or gentle and smooth. It opens up possibilities for using this soup maker to make baby food as it will get it as soft as it needs to be. This way, you won’t go spending money on more gadgets when you can have the versatility of this soup maker.

Compote and Blend Functions

This soup maker has automatic settings to create juices, smoothies, cocktails, and compote in the shortest time possible. With over 1000W power, the blending function works like a regular blender. Instead of replacing your mixer with another that only has the juicing function, this soup maker is an excellent choice for the same price.

Choose your Programmes Fast and Easy.

This soup maker comes with large buttons that make it easy to choose a particular programme. You’ll have it easy with the settings on top of the lid as you can see a symbol that indicates the various choices. We find that even though the labels are large, it is not backlit or color-coded, so you have to look closely when selecting a setting.

Good Capacity

Not the largest, but you can sure make a few satisfying bowlfuls from the 1.1L capacity. It is at the average capacity ideal for up to 3 regular-sized servings. You can invite a friend over and even have some leftovers for the next day in one batch.

Integrated pouring Lid

Having to wipe the jug every time you pour out your soup is quite annoying. Salter recognizes this and brings the convenience of a pouring lip. It prevents drips to the sides thereby keeping your soup maker sleek when serving soup to friends on the dinner table.

Easy-to-Clean Stainless Steel Jug

With a cleaning brush and cloth, cleaning this unit is a breeze. It does not require scouring since you may damage the finish. But when you use the brush and cloth with soapy water and afterward rinse it; this soup maker will remain in tip-top working condition.

Sometimes, food may get burned at the bottom even after taking all the necessary steps. If this happens, you’ll need to put some warm water and then wait for the food to soften before cleaning.

Customer Reviews

After scouring the internet looking for the best soup maker, I came across some interesting reviews about this soup maker. It’s not easy to recommend a product when it has bad reviews, but the Salter passes this test with flying colours.

Here are the most informative product reviews

With such positive reviews, it’s pretty easy to recommend the Salter EK2411. Most users are happy with the results and functionality of this product. And for the price, it is a very worthy purchase.

Close Competitors

Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker

The Morphy Richards 48822 works much like the Salter EK2411 except that it comes at a slightly higher price. This gadget also helps you make homemade soups with less hassle. You’ll like that it has a large capacity of 1.6 litres; this unit can make soup for up to six people in one batch.

The soup making process is also effortless. Smooth soup will be ready in 21 minutes and chunky soup in 28 minutes. The juice and blend functions also come in handy when you need to make cold drinks. It is an all-year soup maker thanks to the many functions. Not to mention, it has a non-stick coating that provides easy cleaning with a soapy sponge.

Here’s more about the Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker.

Tefal BL841140 Soup Maker

This soup maker comes with the four universal settings. It heats up ingredients and blends them for fast soup making. Its programmes run longer than Salter’s EK2411 as it makes smooth soup in 23 minutes and chunky soup in 25 minutes. We see this as a plus since if soup cooks longer, flavours will sink in making your soups more delicious.

If you want to minimize food wastage, this model helps to create soups from leftovers. It is much better than picking shop bought soup. You will not only save cash but also have soup free of preservatives and additives. And to top it all, it is a slim, sleek gadget that will not be a waste of space.

Get the Tefal BL841140 here.

Salter EK1548 Soup Maker

With a 1.6 litre capacity, the Salter EK1548 has three automatic settings. You can make both smooth and chunky soup or just choose to blend fruits when you need to fix a cold drink. This unit uses the intelligent control system which keeps soup in the jug, so it won’t spill on you when you open the lid. The intelligence system also prevents burning of food.

The stainless steel jug also cleans easily as it detaches from the unit so that you can rinse it under the tap. It is easy to understand the settings of this soup maker, and we know it’s going to be terrific using this model.

Buy the Salter Ek1548

Model Functions Capacity Cleaning Unique Features
Salter EK2411 Soup Maker Smooth, Chunky, Compote, and Blend 1.1L Cleans using a brush and cloth Intelligent Control System
Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker Smooth, chunky, juice, and blend 1.6L Soapy sponge and rinsing with cold water makes six servings and non-stick coating
Tefal BL841140 Soup Maker Smooth, chunky, compote, blend, and easy cleaning 1.2L Pre-cleaning system Keep warm function and pre-cleaning system,
Salter EK1548 Soup Maker Puree, chunky, and blend 1.6L Cleans using a brush and cloth Intelligent Control System and makes four servings



Salter EK2411 is a distinct model for making just a few portions of healthy homemade soup. It makes soup making seem so easy that you will no longer feel like it’s a chore. You can make breakfasts, starter meals, and cold juices with the help of this gadget. Cleaning it is as simple as using it. It is a versatile item that every modern kitchen deserves.

Get the Salter EK2411 soup maker here.

Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker

Discover how to make nutritious homemade soup with the Tefal BL841140.

We all know the hassle we get into when trying to conjure a bowl of soup. But it needn’t be that stressful with a gadget that takes us only 20 minutes to prepare a delicious soup. From chicken tortilla to cream of broccoli and so much more, this soup maker can turn your ingredients into sweet starter meals.

Are you in the market for a new soup maker? Here are some features to expect in the ideal soup maker.

  • Functions

How many functions do you want the soup maker to bear? Usually, the number of features corresponds to the price of that particular soup maker. You’ll want to take home a soup maker with preset programmes as they make it easy to go over a recipe without missing something.

  • Capacity

A soup maker that can make a good batch should be over a litre to ensure you don’t go back to the kitchen when entertaining guests. If you want to make soup for more than four people, a soup maker with a 1.6L capacity will make that work easy on you.

Review of the Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker

Tefal is no stranger to the world of kitchen gadgets. They offer innovative solutions to the everyday problems we face in our kitchens. Take soup making for example, if you are not chopping and boiling vegetables, you are busy cleaning the blender and risking hot soup pouring out of a hot blender.

But the Tefal BL841140 helps us to beat the process and go from hours of preparation to minutes of just sipping tea as the soup maker goes to work. This unit is the latest entry by Tefal as it features five functions instead of four as is typical of most soup makers.

Is the Tefal BL81140 worth your time and money? Let’s look at some factual features


  • Stainless steel jug
  • Both automatic and manual functions
  • Makes compotes and smoothies without heat
  • Pre-cleaning function
  • Removable power cord
  • Only two clicks to make soup


  • It cannot sauté ingredients

Features of the Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker

Every soup maker is unique, and this Tefal model is no exception. We want to see if this unit presents any difficulties in the usage and if the features on it are worth investing in it.

Sleek Design

Tefal has gone out of their way to bring a unique kettle design. It has a sparkly stainless steel jug alongside chrome and plastic lead. The two handles; one on top and the other on the side do not become hot as the soup cook. It is a beautiful soup maker if you are keen on detail, not that it will affect the practicality of the unit, but it is incredible all the same. Besides, the cord is detachable for easy storage.

Using the Tefal BL841140

To make your perfect bowl, this soup maker has four automatic programs. It is made with the novice cook in mind seeing that you only need to chop ingredients, throw them in the jug, add some water, insert the lead, and follow the two button procedure to get your soup cooking.

It does not include complicated stuff like sautéing, but it could be a drawback if you like adding stuff that needs pre-cooking like meat. With this soup maker, you are better off making soup from vegetables or pre-cooking meat for a flavourful bowl.

All controls with no fuss

The Tefal BL941140 comes with color-coded button controls on the lid. The controls allow you to choose either smooth or chunky soup. This way, you can create soup with different textures just the way you like it. The smooth texture program runs for only 23 minutes while the chunky program runs for 25 minutes. It is impressive as we have seen a model that can take it to 30 minutes which makes Tefal a better contender if you are looking for a unit with fast programmes.

You’ll be happy to learn that most of the praise about this unit is about how smooth the soup gets.

It can make smoothies in 4 minutes while compote will be ready in 20 minutes. This maker opens up possibilities for making snacks and desserts with the help of these two programmes. You’ll be able to make toppings and cocktails for breakfasts with the non-cooking settings.

Keeps your Soup Warm

This soup maker explores a double wall in its construction. It is insulated meaning your soup will stay in serving temperature when it’s finished cooking. You can serve the soup later when you are ready.

It alerts you after the cooking is done and at the same time, it switches to the ‘keep warm’ mode. This soup maker will keep food hot for 40 minutes. It is clear indication that it will stay warm even longer as the heat will not just dissipate after the keep warm mode deactivates.

Easy Cleaning

If you have an older soup maker, you may notice that if it does not have a non-stick coating, then it’s pretty hard to wash. Tefal eases this pressure by including a cleaning cycle. This function allows cleaning of the unit for 3 minutes before you can rinse it out.

It is an important feature if you are dealing with burnt food that gets stuck to the bottom.

Family-Friendly Capacity

You may never get to make soup for a full family gathering; at least not in one batch, but this unit can create four normal sized portions. It is excellent for a small family as you will not be making several batches for one household. What’s more, you get leftovers if you are just treating yourself.

Customer Reviews

Buying a soup maker is never easy. That’s why I always recommend reading reviews before spending your money on a product. In this case, I had to know what customers are saying about the Tefal BL81140. Here are some informative views.

From this reviews, the Tefal 841140 becomes a very easy product to recommend. I know you’ll have such an incredible time especially if you want the easy road to soup making.

Close Competitors

Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker

With the help of a motorized blade, the Morphy Richards 48822 soup maker is a popular design. It boasts an affordable price plus an effortless soup making process. With the controls on top of the lid, it’s only a matter of choosing the ingredients and selecting the smooth or chunky function, and you get your steaming soup in just a few minutes.

Like the Tefal BL 841140, this model does not have a sautéing function. But it has a much larger capacity of 1.6 litres. This means you can make soup for up to six people. It does not include a pre-cleaning cycle but rinsing the unit with a soapy sponge will leave it all gleaming again. Plus it has a non-stick coating meaning you won’t be dealing with burnt food often.

Find out more about the Morphy Richards 4822 soup maker here.

Salter EK411 Electric Soup Maker

If you want a soup maker that does the hard work for you, Salter EK411 is a good catch. It not only has the four common functions of smooth, chunky, juice, and blend, it also has an intelligent control system. This system prevents overspill and burning since you can leave the soup cooking like a slow cooker. It saves you an abundance of time bringing soup making to only 20 minutes.

You’ll like that it has a pouring lip which is better than the Tefal BL 841140 which is not equipped with one. It saves you from messy pouring as it will not leave the jug with soup on the sides.

Check it out here.

Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender

Featuring a blender design, the Duronic BL78 is a close competitor of the Tefal BL841140. This maker has a large capacity enough to make four servings. You can see what’s happening as the soup cooks, thanks to the clear jug design. It also makes soup in 20 minutes and four functions.

Again, this soup maker provides smooth and chunky soup options so that you can choose the right consistency for your soup. You’ll also be able to make juices and cocktails using the blend function. If you need to reheat soup, you’ll use the boil function which also comes in handy when you want to boil water.

Here’s more about the Duronic BL78.

Model Functions Capacity Cleaning Unique Functions
Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker Smooth, chunky, compote, smoothie, and pre-cleaning 1.2L Pre-cleaning function for 3 minutes Compote and easy cleaning
Morphy Richards 48822 Smooth, chunky, juice, and blend 1.6L Soapy sponge and cold water rinsing One-step operation
Salter EK411 Electric Soup Maker Smooth, chunky, compote, and blend 1.1L Brush and cleaning cloth Intelligent control system
Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender Smooth, chunky, pulse, and boil 1.7L Easy cleaning with a brush 4-piece blade and reheat function


The Tefal BL841140 is a great addition to any home. If you like homemade soup, this maker got you covered. It keeps your soup hot after cooking, it includes a compote function, and it’s easy to clean thanks to the pre-cleaning function.

The design and practicality of the Tefal BL841140 are over the top.

Get it now here.





Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker Review

The Morphy Richards 501014 Saute and Soup is the only kitchen gadget you’ll require for soup making. Considered as the ultimate contraption in this category, we are here to find out if it’s worth spending your money.

The traditional way of making soup usually requires 2 hours if you are fast. But if you want something that will let you enjoy homemade soup without being tied down, then you better get your hands on the Morphy Richards 501014.

What factors do you consider when buying a soup maker?

  • Price

The first question to ask yourself is about the money you are willing to spend on a soup maker. If you are getting a kettle style model, the price will not be as high as that of the blender style.

  • Capacity

How many people do you plan to include for a bowlful of soup? It’s important to pick a good size especially if you want to avoid making soup three times in a row just to feed your family. 1.6L is common if you desire to feed up to 6 people, but if you don’t expect company, a 1L soup maker is more than enough.

  • Functions

From sautéing to making cocktails, the functions on a soup maker can make or break the model you pick. If you have a small kitchen and including many gadgets is a problem, you’ll want a soup maker that can perform several functions like making cocktails, crushing ice, or even boiling eggs.

Review of the Morphy Richards 501014 Saute and Soup Maker

This model is an advanced model among Morphy Richards Soup Makers. The sautéing function stands out as its main selling feature. If you feel like boiled soups are a bit plain, then this maker is an incredible pick. You can fry ingredients on the base plate like onions, garlic, and other spices before adding vegetables.

This soup maker favours you if you like homemade soup or you are rather tired of the pre-made soups which come with added sugars and salt. This unit is also reasonably priced compared to other kettle soup makers.

How worthy of an investment is the 501014 Soup Maker? Let’s find out


  • Four programs including smooth, chunky, juicing, and blending
  • Sautéing option
  • Pause function
  • 6L capacity makes soup for four adults
  • Recipes are not restrictive
  • A recipe book is included
  • Stainless steel jug with non-stick coating


  • Not immersible in water

Morphy Richards 501014 Saute and Soup Maker: Features

At first glance, this soup maker looks like any other kettle soup maker with a large thermos flask and settings on the lid. But on a closer look, it starts to reveal the features that have propelled it to the top performers’ list.

This soup maker uses a motorised blade on the lid. With 1000wattage, the blade blends ingredients to the consistency you like in this case, smooth or chunky.

Easy Controls

Effective operation of a kitchen gadget comes with its ease of handling. There’s no humour in being unable to control the settings thereby affecting how you use the said contraption. The Morphy Richards is designed with only four settings. You’ll be able to select them on the labelled lid according to the function you need.

If you want smooth soup, chunky soup, or you simply want to make a smoothie in the heat of summer, you can choose either the blend or juice function.

Make Soup in Simple Steps

As we said, the essence of a soup maker is to get rid of the laborious process. Morphy Richards 501014 brings that simplicity and more. It allows you to add some flavour and make your soup tastier using the sauté function. Add such ingredients as onions, garlic, ginger, bacon, etc. and fry them before adding your stock and vegetables.

Your ingredients need chopping to tiny pieces for them to cook properly. The guide says 1-2cm to facilitate even cooking of the soup. This way, your soup can be ready in 21 minutes if you want smooth soup and 28 minutes if you want chunky soup.

Add ingredients as you Cook.

Perhaps the most incredible feature is the pause function. If you are not following a recipe, you might find yourself forgetting to put some spices. But this does not mean foregoing that extra flavour since you can add them by using the pause feature. It allows you to lift the lid in the middle of cooking where cooking will resume when you put the lid back.

Make Soup for Four

This soup maker has a 1.6L capacity. It falls in the average capacity makers as it can only make soup for a few people. But you can make soup in batches only that it can be a little tiring to keep chopping ingredients. This model is great if you are content with making just the ideal serving for a small-average family.

Note that this maker has a maximum full line so don’t be tempted to fill the jug above capacity. If you do, the lid lifts and resets the program.

What about cleaning the 501014?

So you have enjoyed your soup, but your maker is nowhere near clean. Don’t worry because Morphy Richards got you covered. This model has a non-stick finish. It makes it easy to clean as it will not need any scouring. Just use a soapy sponge and proceed to use cold water to rinse the maker. Remember not to immerse the kettle as it may develop malfunctions due to the electrical wiring.

If you tend to make soup that contains starch or sugar which is typical of most vegetables, you’ll notice that some of it may get burnt at the bottom. It is advisable to pour water or stock to prevent food from sticking to the bottom.

If you take the necessary steps and the food gets burnt anyway, pour some water and turn on the unit. The warm water and heat from the plate will help to loosen burnt food.

Customer Reviews

In my quest to find the best soup maker, looking at what other users said is always a plus. I always make a point of reading reviews as they significantly influence my decision. This time, I turned to the internet, and this is what I found;

From what I’ve read, I am convinced this soup maker is a good investment. Most users are pleased with the sauté function as it is not only unique, but it also brings an incredible savour to the soups you make. And the price indicates a gadget that has been thought through because it does not go over the top although the features are right where we want them: at the top.

Close Competitors

Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker

Clearly, Morphy Richards has a line of products, and the 501020 model is a close contender for the top position in soup makers. This unit is the smart choice in terms of technological advancements. It features Smart Response technology which is a feature that helps every novice cook look like a veteran.

This soup maker features nine functions on a touchscreen control panel. It points you in the right direction when you want to make soup for three or four people. Just press the consistency, and the number of portions and this unit blends the soup for the correct number of minutes.

This is an advanced Morphy Richards model which gives better control than any of the other units from this brand.

Buy this soup maker here.

Salter EK1548 Electric Soup Maker

The Salter EK1548 looks like the Morphy Richards 501014, but with three automatic settings. Most users like it because of the simplified usage. It is favourable to you if you like soup the traditional way of boiling only.

The intelligent control function makes this an attractive choice as you’ll never risk overfilling the jug. You can leave the soup boiling since the feature also prevents food from burning. The jug can detach from the unit enabling cordless cleaning.

This soup maker is unique in its right. It has features you wouldn’t want to forego in a good soup maker which means it is a good catch.

Check it out here.

Berg 1350W Soup Maker

The Berg 1350W soup maker boasts a 1.7L capacity. It can comfortably make soup for six people. It is a model that can sit in any modern kitchen without feeling like you are wasting space. With the pulse and blending functions, this soup maker can also create juices and smoothies. It is useful all-year round so no need to go looking for a blender when you can have it all with the Berg 1350W soup maker.

Check it out here.

Features Comparison

Model Functions Capacity Cleaning Unique Features
Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker Sauté, smooth, chunky, juice, blend 1.6L Soapy sponge and cold water rinsing Sauté and pause functions
Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker Smooth, medium, chunky, sauté, reheat, blend, juice, pre-clean, keep warm 1.6L Soapy sponge and cold water rinsing (pan is removable) Smart response technology, touchscreen display, keep warm and pre-heat


Salter EK1548 Electric Soup Maker Puree, chunky, and blend 1.6L Warm water whisking (jug is detachable) Intelligent control system
Berg 1350W Soup Maker 4-speed+ blend, and ice crushing 1.7L Warm water whisking 3-in-1 function


When you can’t get boiled soup to taste the way you want, sautéing can bring in the flavour you need. The Morphy Richards 501014 allows you to realize that possibility right in your kitchen. No need to go buying pre-cooked soup when you can have delicious and nutritious soup made from the comfort of your home.

For a versatile, easy to handle, and affordable soup maker, get the Morphy Richards 501014 here.



Morphy Richards 48822 Kettle Soup Maker Review

Conjure soup fast and easy with the Morphy Richards 48822 Kettle Soup Maker.

If you are a busy mum, time is of the essence. Making soup from scratch may take hours of preparation, chopping, frying, blending, and washing. This is time you could save doing other important stuff.

Morphy Richards brings us the convenience of having your soup ready in only 21 minutes.

In this article, we look at a detailed overview of the popular 48822 model by Morphy Richards.

But first; here are some few things to consider before buying a soup maker

  • Kettle vs. Blender Soup Makers

Kettle soup makers look like large thermos flasks or big kettles. They are cheap to buy, but they have limits when it comes to the minimum and maximum capacity levels.

Kettle soup makers have the blending blades attached to the lid and a heated base plate. When you lower the lid, the blending action will take place while the base plate cooks the ingredients.

Blender Soup makers take on traditional blending to a whole new level. They can make not only soup but also a variety of drinks. They tend to be more expensive than kettle soup makers.

  • Multiple Functions

Soup makers bring versatility to a small kitchen. You’ll want your soup maker to take on the work of other appliances like the blender. Some soup makers can be useful for crushing ice and making cocktails.

Review of the Morphy Richards 48822 Kettle Soup Maker

Morphy Richards is a renowned brand with a line of innovative products. The 48822 Kettle Soup Maker is one of their cheaper models. It is a favourite and a top seller model which is a clear indication of the quality it brings to the table.

This model aims at bringing efficiency to the traditional soup making process. Instead of cooking and blending ingredients separately, you just throw them in, and 21 minutes later you have steaming soup for your friends and family to enjoy.

Is the Morphy Richards 48822 a worthy buy? Let’s look at what it’s all about.


  • Makes soup in less than 25 minutes
  • Smooth or chunky soup setting
  • 6L capacity serves six people
  • Blend function makes cold drinks
  • Stainless steel jug is easy to clean
  • One-step operation


  • Lacks a sautéing function
  • It does not have a pause feature

Features of the Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker

A soup maker is designed to uncomplicate soup making. We don’t expect it to have sophisticated features that limit its functionality. But we’ll find out in a bit.

Motorised Blending Blade

The general working of a soup maker is refining the ingredients that you’ve already chopped into small lumps. The Morphy Richards 48822 model uses a motorised blade which is attached to the lid. It blends ingredients into either a chunky or smooth consistency.

To ensure that your soup maker works correctly, the lid must be in proper alignment with the lid slots. If not, the soup maker will not perform.

Straightforward Usage

This soup maker is designed to be effortless to use. You just have to chop your desired ingredients and place them in the soup maker, add some water and bring them to a boil by pressing a button. When you have such convenience in your hands, you actually feel like you can make soup more often as it allows you to skip most of the steps in the soup making process.

Beat the Temptation to look into the kettle

When your soup maker is new, you usually wonder what’s happening inside. This model does not have a clear flask but once you lift the lid as the soup is cooking, the maker will auto-reset to the beginning. We wish it had a pause feature, but with time, you just get used to putting your ingredients and waiting for it to complete its cycle.

Flexible Settings

For this model, it is recommended to chop your ingredients into small 1-2cm pieces. This ensures they can cook fast meaning your soup will be ready in the time stipulated of around 21 minutes. Also, at the same time, your ingredients will be soft and properly cooked. You don’t want to end up with hot but undercooked soup. This is especially true if you have ingredients that take longer to cook like raw meat. But we’d recommend that you use pre-cooked meals for such ingredients.

Nevertheless, you have a soup maker that does not limit the type of ingredients you can use. You’ll be able to tweak your soups and your taste buds in the process.

How do you like your Soup?

This soup maker allows you to be in control of how you like your soup served. You can go with either smooth or chunky which is much like the two types everyone enjoys.

The smooth programme makes soup in 21 minutes. It cooks the soup and blends it gently into an even consistency. If you like taking a bite or two, then you can have some fun with the chunky programme. It’s going to cook your soup in 28 minutes, and you don’t have to do anything extra, just waiting a few more minutes while the maker does its thing.

Straightforward Control Panel

You have an LED control panel which allows you to see the countdown on display. Again, it gives you access to the automated programmes that make soup making a breeze. Apart from the smooth and chunky settings, you can also choose the temperature.

It includes the juice and blending options when you want to make cocktails and other cold drinks. The functions are well-labeled. You’ll not be hassling with an instructions manual or wondering what to do with the settings.

Cleaning the 48822 Soup Maker

This soup maker saves you lots of effort that you would spend scouring the insides of the contraption. It comes with a non-stick coating which cleans as easily as using a soapy sponge and rinsing it under the tap. But don’t go just yet.

What if you’ve got some food burnt at the bottom? This is a common complaint with this soup maker, but before you go removing the finish, you’ll want to go the easy way first.

It’s important that you try and avoid burning food in the first place. This should be by adding stock or a half cup of water before you start cooking the ingredients. This should allow the soup to cook without leaving any burnt food at the bottom.

But sometimes it just happens according to the ingredients you are using. In this case, you’ll want to add some warm water and wait for the food to soften then proceed with the cleaning process.

Ideal Capacity

Your family can also partake in a bowlful of soup. This maker allows making soup for up to six people in one setting. This prevents the need to go back to the kitchen when you are a full house. You’ll want to be cautious of the maximum line as over-filling the jug will cause the lid to lift which causes the maker to auto-reset.

Customer Reviews

Fortunately, the internet provides us with ample information when looking for a specific product. In this case, I couldn’t settle for a good price, but I had to know the experience of other users with this model. Here’s what they had to say.

It’s quite clear what to expect from the 48822 soup maker. These are just some of the reviews, and I found more like these. I am pleased that I can recommend a soup maker that boasts excellence in its functionality and usability.

Close Competitors

Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker

From the same brand, we have a close competitor of the 48822 model. This soup maker has a sauté and soup function. It allows you to fry the ingredients lightly before bringing them to a boil. This makes your soup taste more cooked as you can add spices and tweak your soup even further.

It has nearly the same features including smooth, chunky, blend, and juice functions. It also has a 1.6L capacity, but it can make soup for four people. A unique feature is the pause function. If you can’t resist the urge to check your soup as it cooks, this model will allow you to pause and stir or add more ingredients.

Check it out here

Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker

The Tefal model comes with five automatic settings. It can make smooth and chunky soup, compote and smoothies. These functions make it a versatile tool for creating snacks and desserts. It has a smaller capacity of only 1.2 liters. You’ll only love it if you have a small family or just making soup for yourself.

This soup maker beeps three times when the soup is ready. The distinct feature of this maker is the automatic switch that keeps the soup warm when you are not prepared to serve the soup immediately after it is ready. It keeps soup at serving temperature for 40 minutes.

The fifth function on this soup maker is the automatic cleaning feature. It only requires filling the maker with water and hitting “easy cleaning.”

Get it here.

Salter EK411 Soup Maker

This is a compact soup maker for the best homemade soups. It has a 1.1L capacity which means you won’t go looking for extra space for it. The kettle soup maker has all the functions you’ll need from smooth and chunky settings to compote and blending functions.

Check it out here.

Let’s Compare the Features

Model Functions Capacity Cleaning Unique Features
Morphy Richards 48822 Smooth, chunky, juice, and blend 1.6L Soapy sponge and under tap rinsing One-step operation
Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté, smooth, chunky, juice, and blend. 1.6L Soapy sponge and under tap rinsing Sauté function
Tefal BL841140 Smooth, chunky, compote, and smoothie 1.2L Automatic cleaning feature in 3 minutes Automatic cleaning
Salter EK411 Smooth, chunky, compote, and blend 1.1L Soapy water with a brush and cleaning cloth Intelligent control


From a series of activities to a one-step soup making procedure, the Morphy Richards 48822 brings simplicity in the kitchen. It gives you control on the kind of soup you can make, the ingredients are versatile, and it cleans effortlessly.

If you’ve always hated the idea of wasting a full weekend making soup, this model will make all the inconveniences a thing of the past.

Start your stress-free weekends by getting the Morphy Richards 48822 here.


Top 10 Best Soup Makers – Don’t Buy Until You’ve Read These Reviews

From a warm starter meal to big family dishes; here’s the reviews of the 10 Best Soup Makers in the market.

There’s nothing as convenient as chopping up veggies, throwing them in one pot, and forgetting about it. A soup maker makes the whole process so easy that you are inclined to make soup every day. Instead of spending hours chopping, supervising cooking pots, and cleaning those pots, blenders, and frying pans, you only have one utensil to wash.

There’s more to choosing a soup maker than meets the eye. Apart from the price, some distinguishing features make some models stand out more than others.

In today’s article, our focus is on the leading soup makers money can buy. These appliances are in different categories, but they are all aimed at being gadgets you can use every day in your kitchen. We don’t want you to end up with something that just takes up space in your kitchen cabinet.

Here’s a quick Comparison Table

  Product Name Image Type Standout Features
10. Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker   Kettle Soup Maker Ø  Makes soup in 30 minutes

Ø  Four automatic settings

Ø  Blends without heating

Ø  75-100 Temperature Settings

Ø  2L capacity

9 BERG 1350W Soup Maker/ Smoothie Maker


  Kettle Soup Maker Ø  1.7L capacity

Ø  1350W combined power

Ø  Blending and ice crushing functions

Ø  3 temperature settings

8. Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender   Blender Soup Maker Ø  4-program settings

Ø  1.7L capacity

Ø  4-piece food-grade stainless steel blade

Ø  900W heater power

Ø  350W blender power

Ø  Cleans using a brush

7. Cooks Professional Electric Soup and Smoothie Maker   Blender Soup Maker Ø  1100W

Ø  Reheat and boil function

Ø  Manual pulse function

Ø  Inbuilt safety features

Ø  1.7L capacity


6. Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker   Kettle Soup Maker Ø  3 soup functions

Ø  Portion control

Ø  Automatic pre-heat and keep warm

Ø  Sauté feature

Ø  Pre-clean setting

Ø  Can make cold smoothies

5. Salter EK 1548 Electric Soup Maker   Kettle Soup Maker Ø  Three automatic settings

Ø  Uses an intelligent control system

Ø  1300-1600ml capacity

Ø  Jug detaches from unit

4. Salter EK2411 Soup Maker Kettle Soup Maker Ø  Four automatic settings

Ø  1.1L stainless steel jug

Ø  Intelligent control system

Ø  Includes a cleaning brush and cloth


3. Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker   Kettle Soup Maker Ø  Four recipe functions and one clean feature

Ø  Can blend without heat

Ø  Large control panel

Ø  40-minute keep warm mode

Ø  Removable power cord

2. Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker   Kettle Soup Maker Ø  Sauté function

Ø  Four automatic settings

Ø  It has a pause function

Ø  1.6L capacity prepares soup for 4 people

Ø  Non-stick coating

Ø  Cooks soup in 21 minutes

1. Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker Kettle Soup Maker Ø  Motorised blade

Ø  1.6L soup capacity

Ø  Non-stick coating

Ø  Four controls located on the lid

Ø  1000W

Ø  Smooth and chunky soup settings

Buying Guide to the Best Soup Maker

Why should you get a Soup Maker?

Soup seems simple to make, but once you get down to making one, it turns out to be a tedious process. A soup maker gives you the convenience of skipping most steps in soup making. Here’s why should get one:

Saves time and space

Using a soup maker saves you time. It takes like twenty minutes to get your favourite healthy soup ready. It’s also a nifty contraption that will barely take up space. In times where it’s a daily struggle to find extra space on your kitchen top, we are glad a soup maker won’t be one of those you keep pushing around.

A healthier option for a tasty meal

You know what’s in your soup. It’s not like one of those in a can, stuffed with preservatives and additives. You get yourself a serving of healthy nutrients garnered from the ingredients you choose.

Simple but diverse

All you need to do is press a button. Soup makers can cook and blend your soup to a smooth consistency. Some designs also sauté the food before cooking and blending. Not to mention, you can choose to make it chunky or even go for a milkshake or fruit smoothie with this gadget.

We can’t really exhaust the reasons why it’s a great idea to get a soup maker, but we believe you are here because you want one. So, let’s get to it.

Types of Soup Makers

We all have our preferences to the kind of soup we love. Instead of going blind on a soup maker, let’s see the types to expect.

Kettle vs. Blender Style

These are the two major types of soup makers. As their names indicate, one resembles a kettle and the other a blender. Kettle soup makers are more popular than blender soup makers because they are cheaper.

Kettle Soup Makers

Soup making kettles like the Morphy Richards offer users the choice to sauté and soup their soup. They have a fixed minimum and maximum to ensure you don’t squeeze in too many ingredients that will compromise the cooking.

Kettle soup makers have a metal exterior, so you won’t see how the soup is cooking. The kettle jug comes with blending blades and a heating element at the bottom which will prepare soup in around 20-30 minutes.

These soup makers also allow you to make smooth or chunky soups plus they can create fruit juices and cold smoothies using their cold blending function.

Blender Soup Makers

The blender soup maker has nearly the same functions as a regular blender only that it is larger and it has a heating element at the bottom to cook the soup. They have a plastic or glass jug that allows you to see the ingredients while cooking.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Soup Maker

Ease of Cleaning

Some people are of the notion that a blender takes longer to clean than a kettle. But the idea is to look for a soup maker that is as easy to use as it is easy to clean. Some models have non-stick coats while others carry dishwasher safe parts. These features can reduce your cleaning time significantly.

How many people do you plan to treat to a bowl of soup?

Here, we are talking about the capacity. If you are just picking one for yourself, 0.8L capacity will be a good pick, but it will be barely enough for a family of six. In this case, you can go for one with a 2-liter capacity to avoid going back to the kitchen.


Ideally, you should set up your gadget fast and easy. There’s no humour in fiddling with the lid when your soup is hot and ready for serving.

How important is the sauté feature?

Some soup makers have a hot plate where you can fry your ingredients lightly. Say you have onions, garlic, bacon, and other spices; fry them by adding some oil to the plate before cooking. This feature gives your soup a flavourful taste.

Texture Options

The blending function allows you to choose the consistency of your soup. It can be smooth, chunky, or in-between. We’ll be telling you which of our models will give you such options.

Interrupt Feature

If you tend to forget some ingredients, you’ll want to add them during the cooking process. A soup maker with an interrupt feature in their program cycle allows you to pause the cooking process and add spices halfway into the cooking.

How much do Soup Makers Cost?

The number of functions in your soup maker usually dictates the price. You can expect to spend anywhere from £40 to £140. This price range covers basic soup makers whose primary reason is making soup to others have more features like cold blending and sautéing which have a higher price tag.

Top 10 Soup Maker Reviews

  1. Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker- Best Digital Soup Maker

We start off with this blender style soup maker by Lakeland. It is a unique model that uses a touchscreen control panel for simple selection of programmes. It looks modern for the sleek kitchen where everything blends in.

This unit features advanced functions that are worth looking at if you want a sophisticated soup maker. First, it allows you to put everything in and cook for up to one hour. It gives you that tasty traditionally cooked soup that used to stay in the pot for hours so that every flavour can sink in.

This soup maker has a blending function with three blend speeds. It can also crush ice when you need a frozen drink in summer. A countdown timer and alert features are included meaning you’ll never miss when your soup gets ready.


  • Large 2L capacity for diverse use
  • It has a non-stick interior


  • The jug is heavy when empty and even heavier when full

My Verdict:

This soup maker can go from making refreshing smoothies to delicious soups. It includes all the features that make the whole process a breeze. If you want a digital unit that offers a touchscreen panel without compromising on its capabilities, you’ll have a great time using the Lakeland kettle soup maker.

  1. BERG 1350W Soup Maker/ Smoothie Maker- Best Soup Maker with an Ice-Crushing Function

You don’t have to be a soup expert to use the Berg Soup Maker. It gives your soup a professional taste as it combines both blending and cooking functions into one.

With three temperature settings, you have the option to simmer your soup or bring it to a boil. It also has a blending function that comes in handy when making cold purees, dips, and smoothies.

The razor sharp blades can chop and mince just about any ingredient thanks to the 1350W combined power. There’s a digital countdown and a temperature display to help you see the selected modes and time settings. It also includes an anti-spillover feature to eliminate chances of hot soup spilling as it cooks.


  • 7L capacity can make soup for six people
  • It has a crush ice feature


  • It is noisy especially when using the blend function

My Verdict:

The Berg Soup Maker is an excellent choice for homemade soups. It exhibits versatility through the additional features like separate blending and ice crushing. You don’t have to put it away in the summer’s heat. You can make cold drinks as you can make hot soups in winter.

  1. Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender- Best Budget-Friendly Soup Maker

The Duronic BL78 is quite a functional design. It features a 4-piece blade that will chop up your ingredients as they warm up using the heating element at the base of the jug.

You’ll have a wide choice of soups to make since it can blend all types of unprocessed foods as they become tender. From leek to chicken, carrot, fish, and many others this soup maker brings you the convenience of having something new and tasty with an affordable soup maker.

The clear jug gives you a nice view of what’s happening. You can be sure that your soup will turn out the way you imagined as you prepared the ingredients. With a 1.7-liter capacity, this soup maker can make up to four servings.

We like the quality of this model. It uses food-grade stainless steel on the blade and a high-quality glass jug. It will look great on your kitchen top as it goes well with any décor.


  • Cleans easy using a cleaning brush
  • High blending and heating power for smooth soups


  • It does not have a sautéing option

My Verdict:

If you are up to a soup making day, Duronic BL78 gives you a simple way to make your soup. All the ingredients you want for your soup go in one jug, and it does both the blending and the cooking. It combines a high power heater and motor to give you smooth or chunky soup. However, it does not have a hot plate for sautéing. As such, it’s only practical if you are looking to have soup the traditional way of boiling and blending.

  1. Cooks Professional Electric Soup and Smoothie Maker –Best Multipurpose Blender Soup Maker

Create a range of tasty soups and smoothies with the help of the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker. Operating at 1100W, this model is ideal for preparing fresh soups with no mess and very little effort. It takes the hard work of cooking and blending the ingredients in separate pots and blender.

This gadget has a smooth and chunky option so you can have soup the way you like it. This maker also provides a reheat and boil function meaning you can make soup hours before dinner and then reheat it when the table is set.

Not to mention, it has a pulse function in the blending feature which you can use to make cold shakes, juices, and smoothies.


  • It has a maximum fill line and anti-dry shut off feature
  • It automatically shuts off when the lid is removed in the middle of cooking


  • The jug is quite massive at 4kgs when empty

My Verdict:

A flexible and efficient soup maker is what the Cooks professional is all about. It simplifies the whole soup making processing by just putting your ingredients, selecting the mode, and waiting as it does all the work for you. It has quick and slow cooking settings alongside the regular smooth or chunky functions.

  1. Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker- Best High-End Soup Maker

If you are looking for a technologically advanced model and don’t mind to pay extra, Morphy Richards is an impressive choice. It features Smart Response Technology that allows setting the unit to give the consistency you love.

The manual blend function is essential when you need to tweak your soup if you are not comfortable with one of the three (smooth, medium, or chunky) settings.

The soup maker has a sauté function. You can bring in ingredients that need slight frying to improve the flavor of your soup. With the portion control feature, you can be sure that the soup is going to be enough for four people and even save time when making just enough for two.


  • Features reheat and keep warm functions
  • Pre-clean function rinses the jug


  • The nine functions can be a little complicated if you are not familiar with Morphy Richards soup makers

My Verdict:

This soup maker is one of our favourites. All the nine functions are significantly useful as they give you enough flexibility when using this unit. You can blend smoothies, make drinks, sauté, and choose the consistency of your soup. You’ll pay extra for the advanced settings like pre-clean and reheat, but it’s understandable for the quality you are getting.

  1. Salter EK 1548 Electric Soup Maker- Best Soup Maker for Busy Professionals

Salter is a popular model among soup lovers. It boasts useful features designed to help you make great soup with as little effort as possible. This might be your next favourite kitchen gadget as it cooks your soup within 20 minutes. No need to watch the kettle since it has a control feature which prevents overspill and dry burning. Just set the timer and mode, and the unit goes to work.

You’ll have three settings to work with. They include puree, chunky, and blend modes, to help achieve the kind of consistency you like for your soup. You’ll also love working with a jug that detaches from the unit for easy cleaning afterward.


  • Stainless steel jug has a 1600ml capacity
  • It allows use with cubed pieces that don’t have to be teeny-tiny


  • It can burn food at the bottom if you don’t stir the oil in

My Verdict:

Salter designs this soup maker so easy to use that you don’t have to hassle with the settings. It is ideal for any busy professional who doesn’t like wasting time preparing soup for their lunches. You can do other things as your soup to-go gets cooked on a busy morning. You just have to ensure you’ve put enough oil so it won’t burn to the bottom.

  1. Salter EK411 Soup Maker- Best Average Capacity Soup Maker

Homemade soup is unique and delicious. And when you get to make it on your own terms, it’s much more fulfilling.

With the Salter EK411, you’ll be making with soup and juices with no hassle. It has four cooking programmes that you just press a button and choose your desired mode.

This soup maker comes with a 1.1L stainless steel jug. It is an exceptional alternative when you want to include a friend. You’ll have healthy options for meals as you get to enjoy choosing your favourite ingredients for your soup. It even has a pouring lip which helps you to avoid messes as you serve your soup.


  • Four automatic soup settings
  • Stainless steel jug is super easy to clean


  • The jug needs oiling to prevent food from sticking to the bottom

My Verdict:

If you love making your own soup, this maker is such a great choice. It doesn’t have a large capacity, but you can make delicious soups that you and your family can enjoy. It uses an automatic system and an intelligent control mechanism. You can skip all the messy stuff and enjoy a bowl of soup with a maker that doesn’t skimp on quality.

  1. Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker- Best Easy-to-Use Soup Maker

Tefal brings us ideas that we love to bring to the table. This particular soup maker cooks as it blends. It saves you time since it takes just a couple of minutes to prepare appetizing soups for all to enjoy. It offers impressive flexibility meaning you can get creamy soup and chunky soup.

You can prepare soups up to two hours in advance, and it will still be steaming hot when it’s time to serve. It’s a great advantage if you have chores lined up to complete and only enough time to prepare the ingredients.

This maker also includes two non-cooking programmes for smoothies and compote making. From a nutritious breakfast to a healthy lunch, this is your go-to maker for effortless soup making.


  • Double-walled to retain temperature after cooking
  • Comes with a unique recipe book with 30 recipes


  • It has a high-minimum which limits the smallest portion to three

My Verdict:

This is perhaps the most straightforward soup maker. It has buttons for everything so you won’t be guessing the time when you need to make a particular item. It is for anyone who does not have that much experience in the kitchen. It even has a button for making a compote; isn’t that convenient?

  1. Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker- Best High-Value Soup Maker

The Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker is one of the most sought soup makers. Its sauté function allows you to add the ingredients you want to fry and tweak your soup the way you like it.

A unique feature of this model is the pause function. You can add seasoning as you cook by removing the lid. When you reapply it, the maker will continue to cook your soup from where it left off. With this soup maker, you get to have smooth soup, juices, or soup with some bite in it.

The stainless steel jug has a 1.6L capacity ideal for four people. And when you are done with the cooking, the maker is fast to clean by a quick rinse and wiping with a soapy sponge. It has a non-stick interior, so nothing gets stuck or burned.


  • Unique sauté function for maximum flavour
  • It has an LED countdown function


  • The blade is not the best quality you’ll want to take extra care not to knock it against something when cleaning

My Verdict:

If you need a soup maker that can create fruit smoothies and juices as much as it can make great soup, this model seems to fit the bill. But you’ll want to include water and stock when making soup from sugary or starchy foods to prevent sticking.

  1. Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker- Best Overall Kettle Soup Maker

If you are not into sautéing and just want your soup brought to a boil fast and easy, Morphy Richards 48222 is a good addition to your kitchen. It has a motorised blending blade which chops and minces everything into the thickness you’d like. You just have to select the thickness you’d like on the control panel.

Juice and manual blend functions are great options for making cold drinks. It is your go-to during the hot months as you won’t be investing in a blender just to have a smoothie. The all-around functions suit the busy mom who needs an appliance that saves you energy and time.

In around 25 minutes you will be serving soup to your guests out of the stainless steel jug. It has a 1.6L soup capacity that is enough for up to six people. This is a practical unit that won’t be sitting in your kitchen since you’ll never run out of ideas on what to make with it.


  • The stainless jug is easy to clean
  • It has a one-step operation for smooth or chunky soup


  • It’s not great for complicated recipes since it does not have a pause feature

My Verdict:

If you are not sure how to go around making soup, this model will prove very useful. It doesn’t need a kitchen veteran to figure out what to do with ingredients. It is the most popular brand in the Morphy Richards series, and it’s for a good reason. Try it out and see why others love it.


Soup making has always been a messy and tiring task. But it needn’t be; at least not with one of the units on our list. These soup makers come from reputable brands. They span across the needs of many users from automatic settings to sautéing, ease of cleaning, and cold blending.

You will be making soup with only one utensil to clean, and you can relax as you wait for the soup to be ready. You no longer need to hover around so that your soup doesn’t burn. The soup maker will beep to alert you when it’s ready.

These models are sturdy. They feature both kettle and blender designs with durable constructions for long-term use. You’ll find glass, aluminum, and stainless steel jugs. Although you’ll need to be a little more careful with hot glass, none of these units present a defect in their quality.

Say hello to stress-free soup making with one of the Top 10 Best Soup Makers today.