Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker Review

The Morphy Richards 501014 Saute and Soup is the only kitchen gadget you’ll require for soup making. Considered as the ultimate contraption in this category, we are here to find out if it’s worth spending your money.

The traditional way of making soup usually requires 2 hours if you are fast. But if you want something that will let you enjoy homemade soup without being tied down, then you better get your hands on the Morphy Richards 501014.

What factors do you consider when buying a soup maker?

  • Price

The first question to ask yourself is about the money you are willing to spend on a soup maker. If you are getting a kettle style model, the price will not be as high as that of the blender style.

  • Capacity

How many people do you plan to include for a bowlful of soup? It’s important to pick a good size especially if you want to avoid making soup three times in a row just to feed your family. 1.6L is common if you desire to feed up to 6 people, but if you don’t expect company, a 1L soup maker is more than enough.

  • Functions

From sautéing to making cocktails, the functions on a soup maker can make or break the model you pick. If you have a small kitchen and including many gadgets is a problem, you’ll want a soup maker that can perform several functions like making cocktails, crushing ice, or even boiling eggs.

Review of the Morphy Richards 501014 Saute and Soup Maker

This model is an advanced model among Morphy Richards Soup Makers. The sautéing function stands out as its main selling feature. If you feel like boiled soups are a bit plain, then this maker is an incredible pick. You can fry ingredients on the base plate like onions, garlic, and other spices before adding vegetables.

This soup maker favours you if you like homemade soup or you are rather tired of the pre-made soups which come with added sugars and salt. This unit is also reasonably priced compared to other kettle soup makers.

How worthy of an investment is the 501014 Soup Maker? Let’s find out


  • Four programs including smooth, chunky, juicing, and blending
  • Sautéing option
  • Pause function
  • 6L capacity makes soup for four adults
  • Recipes are not restrictive
  • A recipe book is included
  • Stainless steel jug with non-stick coating


  • Not immersible in water

Morphy Richards 501014 Saute and Soup Maker: Features

At first glance, this soup maker looks like any other kettle soup maker with a large thermos flask and settings on the lid. But on a closer look, it starts to reveal the features that have propelled it to the top performers’ list.

This soup maker uses a motorised blade on the lid. With 1000wattage, the blade blends ingredients to the consistency you like in this case, smooth or chunky.

Easy Controls

Effective operation of a kitchen gadget comes with its ease of handling. There’s no humour in being unable to control the settings thereby affecting how you use the said contraption. The Morphy Richards is designed with only four settings. You’ll be able to select them on the labelled lid according to the function you need.

If you want smooth soup, chunky soup, or you simply want to make a smoothie in the heat of summer, you can choose either the blend or juice function.

Make Soup in Simple Steps

As we said, the essence of a soup maker is to get rid of the laborious process. Morphy Richards 501014 brings that simplicity and more. It allows you to add some flavour and make your soup tastier using the sauté function. Add such ingredients as onions, garlic, ginger, bacon, etc. and fry them before adding your stock and vegetables.

Your ingredients need chopping to tiny pieces for them to cook properly. The guide says 1-2cm to facilitate even cooking of the soup. This way, your soup can be ready in 21 minutes if you want smooth soup and 28 minutes if you want chunky soup.

Add ingredients as you Cook.

Perhaps the most incredible feature is the pause function. If you are not following a recipe, you might find yourself forgetting to put some spices. But this does not mean foregoing that extra flavour since you can add them by using the pause feature. It allows you to lift the lid in the middle of cooking where cooking will resume when you put the lid back.

Make Soup for Four

This soup maker has a 1.6L capacity. It falls in the average capacity makers as it can only make soup for a few people. But you can make soup in batches only that it can be a little tiring to keep chopping ingredients. This model is great if you are content with making just the ideal serving for a small-average family.

Note that this maker has a maximum full line so don’t be tempted to fill the jug above capacity. If you do, the lid lifts and resets the program.

What about cleaning the 501014?

So you have enjoyed your soup, but your maker is nowhere near clean. Don’t worry because Morphy Richards got you covered. This model has a non-stick finish. It makes it easy to clean as it will not need any scouring. Just use a soapy sponge and proceed to use cold water to rinse the maker. Remember not to immerse the kettle as it may develop malfunctions due to the electrical wiring.

If you tend to make soup that contains starch or sugar which is typical of most vegetables, you’ll notice that some of it may get burnt at the bottom. It is advisable to pour water or stock to prevent food from sticking to the bottom.

If you take the necessary steps and the food gets burnt anyway, pour some water and turn on the unit. The warm water and heat from the plate will help to loosen burnt food.

Customer Reviews

In my quest to find the best soup maker, looking at what other users said is always a plus. I always make a point of reading reviews as they significantly influence my decision. This time, I turned to the internet, and this is what I found;

From what I’ve read, I am convinced this soup maker is a good investment. Most users are pleased with the sauté function as it is not only unique, but it also brings an incredible savour to the soups you make. And the price indicates a gadget that has been thought through because it does not go over the top although the features are right where we want them: at the top.

Close Competitors

Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker

Clearly, Morphy Richards has a line of products, and the 501020 model is a close contender for the top position in soup makers. This unit is the smart choice in terms of technological advancements. It features Smart Response technology which is a feature that helps every novice cook look like a veteran.

This soup maker features nine functions on a touchscreen control panel. It points you in the right direction when you want to make soup for three or four people. Just press the consistency, and the number of portions and this unit blends the soup for the correct number of minutes.

This is an advanced Morphy Richards model which gives better control than any of the other units from this brand.

Buy this soup maker here.

Salter EK1548 Electric Soup Maker

The Salter EK1548 looks like the Morphy Richards 501014, but with three automatic settings. Most users like it because of the simplified usage. It is favourable to you if you like soup the traditional way of boiling only.

The intelligent control function makes this an attractive choice as you’ll never risk overfilling the jug. You can leave the soup boiling since the feature also prevents food from burning. The jug can detach from the unit enabling cordless cleaning.

This soup maker is unique in its right. It has features you wouldn’t want to forego in a good soup maker which means it is a good catch.

Check it out here.

Berg 1350W Soup Maker

The Berg 1350W soup maker boasts a 1.7L capacity. It can comfortably make soup for six people. It is a model that can sit in any modern kitchen without feeling like you are wasting space. With the pulse and blending functions, this soup maker can also create juices and smoothies. It is useful all-year round so no need to go looking for a blender when you can have it all with the Berg 1350W soup maker.

Check it out here.

Features Comparison

Model Functions Capacity Cleaning Unique Features
Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker Sauté, smooth, chunky, juice, blend 1.6L Soapy sponge and cold water rinsing Sauté and pause functions
Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker Smooth, medium, chunky, sauté, reheat, blend, juice, pre-clean, keep warm 1.6L Soapy sponge and cold water rinsing (pan is removable) Smart response technology, touchscreen display, keep warm and pre-heat


Salter EK1548 Electric Soup Maker Puree, chunky, and blend 1.6L Warm water whisking (jug is detachable) Intelligent control system
Berg 1350W Soup Maker 4-speed+ blend, and ice crushing 1.7L Warm water whisking 3-in-1 function


When you can’t get boiled soup to taste the way you want, sautéing can bring in the flavour you need. The Morphy Richards 501014 allows you to realize that possibility right in your kitchen. No need to go buying pre-cooked soup when you can have delicious and nutritious soup made from the comfort of your home.

For a versatile, easy to handle, and affordable soup maker, get the Morphy Richards 501014 here.



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