Cooks Professional Electric Soup and Smoothie Maker Review

Making homemade soup couldn’t be easier with the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker.

It allows you to make soup with minimum fuss which is unlike what you’d experience every day when making soup. It can create delicious soup in less than half an hour with fresh ingredients enabling you to have fresh soups straight from your kitchen.

In this post, we are all about the Cooks Professional and why it is an excellent soup maker for every soup lover.

A few factors to consider before buying a soup maker

  • Price

As always, the first factor is always price as it is not clear-cut how much you should pay for a soup maker. The features in a soup maker usually go hand in hand with the price tag. If you want a maker with very few functions, a cheap soup maker will cut it since these gadgets perform nearly the same when making soup.

  • Soup Making Blenders vs. Soup Making Kettles

You’ll encounter either of these designs. Soup making kettles tend to be cheaper since they are more popular then soup making blenders. You’ll not be able to see through a kettle soup maker unlike when using a blender soup maker.

Review of the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker

Cooks Professional offers a range of kitchen gadgets with this soup maker their most popular item. This particular model features a thoughtful design and can be found in either a glass or stainless steel jug. For this review, we’ll be featuring the glass jug model.

If you want a soup maker with numerous features like a touchscreen display or sautéing function, this is not your ideal pick, but it suits you if you want a unit that serves as a soup maker and a blender.

Will it be a waste of money buying the Cooks Professional Soup Maker? Here are the pros and cons.


  • 7L capacity
  • 1100W power to facilitate fast programmes
  • Chunky and smooth settings
  • No need for a pan
  • Preheat and keep warm functions
  • Comes with a recipe book
  • Can be used as a blender


  • It is a bit heavy

Features of the Cooks Professional Electrical Soup Maker

Nobody wants to be blank when operating any appliance. And when it comes to the Cooks Professional, this brand has done an excellent job to ensure the settings and features are fuss-free to use.

High-Quality Glass Jug

Although there’s not much style you can add to a soup maker to improve its practicality, we are impressed with how Cooks Professional has presented this product. It is a shiny glass body with a plastic lead and handle, plus a chrome base. The clear jug lets you see as the maker gets to work meaning you’ll have an idea if the soup is going to turn out as you anticipated.

Effortless Soup Making

If your soup making pursuit has always involved a series of actions that can take more than two hours, then you have yourself a winner in this model. This soup maker allows you to put in fresh ingredients from your favourite recipe and have hot soup in less than 30 minutes.

Make Soup to your ideal Consistency

The smooth and chunky settings are important when you want to personalize your soup. Since you can tell the stage at which your soup is, it’s pretty easy to heat the stop button when you feel it has reached the right consistency.

What’s more, it has a pulse function which helps you get the soup to the right consistency. The pulse setting is unique in that if you forget to add some ingredients or you want to add some spice to improve the flavour, you just lift the lid, add the spice, and hit the pulse button to finish cooking.

Simple Controls

One thing that stands out about this model is that the controls are not on the lid but are on the handle. These are simple push buttons which make selection straightforward. You have a contraption with only five buttons so you’ll never get confused when trying to use a certain feature.

Doubles as a Blender

The manual pulse feature allows using this soup maker as a blender. You can fix juices, smoothies, cookies, and the like with the help of the stainless steel blades. This way, you will not be putting this soup maker away in summer. It is even more useful for making breakfast cereal smoothies so you will never lack use for this unit.

Reheat/Boil Function

With this soup maker, you don’t have to serve the soup as soon as it is cooked when you don’t want to. You can make soup in advance and when it’s time to serve, use the boil function to heat the soup. Soup can be served straight from the jug thanks to the pouring lip as it prevents drips to the outside of the jug.

Good Capacity

With a 1.2L soup making capacity, this unit allows cooking soup for up to four normal servings. If you have a small family, one batch will be more than enough, and if you are just entertaining yourself, you can be sure to have leftovers for the next day.

Safety Features

Apart from the inner line which indicates where the maximum should be, this maker explores an anti-dry shut off feature. It is important since when you happen to add too little stock or water, this feature will prevent food from getting burnt. It also cuts the power when you lift the lid to avoid burns from boiling soup. It acts as the pause function when you want to add spices during the cooking cycle.

Effortless Cleaning

We don’t think you’ll be dealing with burnt food with this model, but if you do, the clean function on this unit will make it not look like a big deal. Just add water and cleaning liquid, and then hit the pulse function to start the clean cycle. After that, it’s only a matter of rinsing, and your soup maker is in top operating condition.

Customer Reviews

Am glad I get to read what others have to say about a product before I recommend it. With the Cooks Professional, it was pretty easy to find reviews as it is a top-performing item on the internet.

Here are a few views on this item.

A large number of users are happy with their purchase. From what you can see, Cooks Professional is an incredible soup maker if you are looking for the simplest way out in soup making.

Close Competitors

Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender

The Duronic BL78 looks almost similar to the Cooks Professional model you may assume they are from the same company. Apart from the similarities in looks, the functions perform with the same excellence. This unit works as a soup maker and as a blender. It has the settings on the handle which include the pulse function for making soup to your desired consistency.

This model is, however, more expensive, but it includes a cleaning brush and very clear instructions.

Here’s more about the Duronic BL78.

Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker

The Total Control Soup maker is an advanced model for those who want a sophisticated kitchen gadget. It features nine settings which work to ease the soup making process. It has a sauté feature to help in the frying of ingredients as well as a reheat and keep warm function.

This soup maker comes with a digital touchscreen, and it competes effectively because the two units make cold juices with similar quality. Plus this unit has a smaller capacity which can be a big difference if you are making soup for a large group of people.

Check it out here.

Salter EK2411 Soup Maker

Salter has a 1.1L capacity, but it has its unique features. First, if you don’t like babysitting soup as it cooks, you have a unit that controls burning using an intelligent control system. It prevents overspilling meaning you can leave this kettle boiling and only come back when the soup is ready.

The four automatic settings allow making of compote, blending juices, and making smooth or chunky soups. Whichever function you want to see in a soup maker, this model can meet your demands. It’s incredible that such a small jug can help you make fresh soup instead of bringing home pre-cooked ones.

Get the Salter EK2411 here.

Comparison Table

Model Settings Capacity Cleaning Unique Features
Cooks Professional Electric Soup and Smoothie Maker Smooth, chunky, simmer/boil, and pulse 1.7L boiling capacity

1.2L soup making capacity

Pre-cleans using the pulse function Manual pulse, anti-dry auto shut off, and preheat and boil functions
Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender Smooth, chunky, simmer/boil, and pulse 1.7L boiling capacity

1.2L soup making capacity

Pre-cleans using the pulse function Manual pulse and preheat and boil functions
Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker Smooth, medium, chunky, sauté, drinks. Reheat, blend, preclean, and portin 1.6L Preclean function Smart Response Technology
Salter EK2411 Soup Maker Smooth, chunky, compote, and blend 1.1L soup making capacity Cleans using a brush and cloth Intelligent control system



If you are not up to squeezing in a few hours to prepare soup using pans and blenders, you will be happy to own the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker. This gadget saves you time as everything cooks in one pot. You get to see the soup’s progress and make changes as the soup cooks. This is the convenience you can only get from a glass blender soup maker.

Get the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker here.





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