Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender Review

Discover a new way of making piping hot soup with the Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender.

If you want the taste of fresh homemade soup and are not willing to spare hours to get down to the kitchen, then you can save a few minutes and get it done fast and easy with this soup maker. A soup maker is an item we’ve all come to love thanks to the expediency they bring the modern kitchen.

In this article, well be analyzing the features and benefits of the Duronic BL78 soup maker. It is a blender design; an additional reason as to why we’ll be looking at it.

Which features are essential in the search for the best soup maker?

  • Soup Making Blender vs. Soup Making Kettle

These designs are the two main types of soup makers. As far as price is concerned, kettle soup makers are always more affordable since they are trendy, and you don’t have to contend with loud blending noise. These models are also strict on the quantities of soup you can make.

Soup making blenders tend to be flexible with quantity and the functions you can achieve with them. These models can prepare soup faster, but this comes at the cost of noise as they cook and blend at the same time.

  • Capacity

With some soup makers, you cannot overfill or go beyond an absolute minimum. That’s why it’s crucial that you keep in mind how many servings you need to get from your specific soup maker. Getting a soup maker with a 1L capacity is ideal for one or two people, but if you are a family of six, you are better off with a model with a 1.6L size or more.

Review of the Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender

Inspired by new technologies, the Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender is aimed at catering for everyday lifestyles. It works to simplify household tasks in this case, soup making, which has always been associated with hours of preparation and cooking.

This model is ideal if you want a multifunctional soup maker to liven up cooking skills. It can also work as a regular blender meaning you also get to make smoothies and shakes to your liking.

Will it be a benefit getting this soup maker?


  • Clear glass jug
  • Cooks soup in approximately 20 minutes
  • 2L soup cooking capacity
  • 4-piece blade
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Powerful 900W heater


  • It is heavy owing to the glass jug, but the handle provides easy handling

Features of the Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender

How hard can it be using a soup maker? After all, there not many features when making soup, so we don’t expect to hassle with the functions of the Duronic BL78.

Instant Soup in Minutes

Don’t you want to know what goes into your food? That’s the convenience brought about by this soup maker. This blender will automatically cook and blend your vegetables in only 20 minutes. Talk about the fast mornings you have, and desire to take something for lunch. Only a quick soup maker can get you soup in the shortest time.

This soup maker can deal with all kinds of raw ingredients from leek, to carrots, butternut squash, and many others. You can also bring in dinner leftovers like the chicken you put in the refrigerator for some spicy chicken soup. This maker opens possibilities for numerous choices of soup flavours according to the ingredients you bring.

Reheat Cold Soup

The Duronic BL78 allows reheating of soup after it goes cold. This means you can make soup hours before the serving time and then hit the simmer/boil function to bring it to the right temperature. It is a well-thought function, so you don’t have to schedule the right time for preparing the soup. Minutes are all you need to prepare it while you can take hours after that to take delight in your freshly made soup.

Good Capacity

This soup making blender has flexible capacities. It has a maximum 1.7L capacity when boiling liquids like water while it has a 1.2L capacity for making soup. It allows you to feed up to three people in one setting. Not to mention, it has clear lines of the maximum and minimum enabling you to be safe when you put in the ingredients.

We like that you can see the soup as it boils so that you can tell how the soup is going to turn out. Since you can see the progress of the soup, you will be able to make adjustments as you go. It comes in handy where some ingredients have to be put towards the end of a cooking cycle.

Powerful heater and Motor

The BL78 utilizes a 900W heater which cooks soup thoroughly until its ready in the mentioned time. It is an important aspect as there’s no need to have soup in 20 minutes if it’s going to be hot but undercooked. That’s where the powerful heater comes in.

The heater is complemented by a 300W blender which chops and refines the ingredients as it blends them. With the help of a 4-piece blade, you can rest easy since if you’d like to have smooth soup, you won’t encounter any unblended pieces. It also gives chunky soup. All you need is just choosing the chunky button before the soup starts cooking.

The 4-piece blade is attached to the lid of this maker thus making it easy to clean the jug. It’s hard to manoeuvre your way around blades that sit at the base of a jug more so for blenders. But this is not the case with this Duronic model.

Effortless controls

Speaking of soup consistency choices, this soup maker allows you to have soup with the ideal thickness by just hitting a button. It also comes with a manual pulse feature which is a great addition when you don’t want to use either the smooth or chunky setting.

Ergonomic Handle and Pouring Sprout

Although this soup maker seems to be a bit heavy, it has an ergonomic handle which helps with the portability of this unit. You’ll not have to deal with a heavy glass jar that makes it hard to carry it from one counter to the other.

Another thoughtful feature is the pouring sprout as it prevents messy drips when serving soup directly from the jug. This keeps the glass jar clean mean it can sit elegantly on the dinner table.

Easy Cleaning

You have a glass jar that cleans fast using a brush and soapy water. But before that, you have the convenience of using the pulse function to clean this maker automatically. When you pre-clean this maker, you’ll get rid of any food that gets stuck to the bottom, thus giving you an easy time after you make your soup.

Customer Views

When searching for the ideal soup maker, I came across some interesting reviews about this product. These are views that help guide my decision in whether it is a good pick or just a waste of money.

Here are some of those reviews

I am happy that most users are praising this product. I believe you’ll have a great experience when using the Duronic BL78.

Close Competitors

Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker

Just like the Duronic BL78, this soup maker can create soup in 20 minutes. But with this model, you can sauté veggies and other stuff for more flavour. It has speed and temperature settings giving you more control over the functions.

The non-stick sautéing cooking plate and the self-cleaning feature make maintenance for the Cuisinart a breeze.

Here’s more about this soup maker.

Cooks Professional Electric Soup and Smoothie Maker

The functions and design of the Cooks Professional soup are in very near similarity with the Duronic BL78. This model, however, uses lesser power on the heater and motor at a total of 1100W against 1200W for the Duronic BL78. It means that soup may take longer to cook in this model than with the Duronic BL78.

Nevertheless, this unit has an anti-dry feature which cuts power to prevent food from getting burnt. It is an ideal pick for making shakes and smoothies alongside delicious soups.

Get the Cooks Professional soup maker here

Duronic BL91 Soup Maker Steamer

Duronic offers a range of soup makers including the BL91 model. This model features eight pre-programmed settings, unlike the BL78 which only has four programmes. It can make sauces and crush ice by just pressing a button.

The BL91 comes with a 1.7L capacity with a 1.4 soup making capacity for 3-5 servings. It means the difference when you want to prepare soup for a large family.

Get the Duronic BL91 here.

Features Comparison Table

Model Settings Capacity Cleaning Unique Features
Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender Smooth, chunky, simmer/boil, and pulse 1.7L boiling capacity

1.2L soup making capacity

Pulse function doubles as a pre-clean feature Ergonomic handle and reheat function
Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker Sauté, boil/simmer, smooth, chunky, blend, and ice crushing 1.75L for cool liquids

1.4L for soup

Self-clean feature Thermal glass jar and ice crushing capability
Cooks Professional Electric Soup and Smoothie Maker Smooth, chunky, simmer/boil, and pulse 1.7L boil capacity

1.2L soup making

Pre-clean using the pulse setting Anti-dry shut-off feature and reheat function
Duronic BL91 Soup Maker Steamer Smooth, chunky, pulse, ice, sauce, steam/boil, 1.75L for cool liquids

1.4L for soup

Pre-clean using the pulse function (brush and scourer included) Eight multiple functions and steamer basket included



Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender brings the comfort of making fresh soup in our kitchens. It’s your go-to for blending fruits, making smoothies, and cocktails every single day. This model serves lots of purposes. If you need versatility, flexibility, and convenience in your kitchen, this unit will make all these possibilities true.

Get the Duronic BL78 here.