Best Soup Recipe Books

There’s nothing more adaptable than soup. You can eat it hot or chilled, as starter or side dish, and even as a main meal.

These best soup books give us a collection of all our favourite soup recipes. In this list, you will find cookbooks written from personal experiences to help you understand where each author is drawing from. It could be their grandma’s kitchen or a trip to an exciting destination.

These soup recipe books have also been given as gifts meaning they are loved enough to be recommended. We hope you will love them as much as we did.

Lose Weight for Good: Slow Cooker Soup Diet Recipes for Beginners by CookNation

From the title, you can tell what this soup book is all about. If you look forward to shedding some weight and have no idea how to go about a soup diet, you will love this soup book by CookNation. It gives you a set of 80 recipes for well-thought flavour-packed soups ranging from 100-300 calories. All you need is incorporate these soups in your meals as they help you feel full so you won’t find yourself eating more calories or compensating later.

This recipe book covers various kinds of soups from vegetarian to dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan recipes. You will also find recipes for hangover soups and restorative soups. The recipes all minimize the use of cream and butter as these ingredients are substituted with olive oil and nut oils.

All the soups in this book can be prepared in less than 30 minutes with the help of a soup maker. But since it uses fresh and seasonal ingredients, it is easily adaptable to the traditional stove-top. Losing weight and eating healthy will get easier as you start eating more soup and choosing healthy food.

Soup for Every Day: 365 Favourite Soups by New Covenant Garden Soup Company

Soup can be easy to make but it can also be sophisticated. The New Covenant Garden Soup Company has been around for some time. With an aim to help you get innovative, it gives you 365 soup recipes where you can choose one to prepare every day.

You are sure to make tasty recipes using natural and fresh ingredients. You can pull a recipe for just any occasion from family gatherings to an afternoon spent with friends. Not to mention, it also carries recipes for all seasons so you won’t be waiting for the cold season to enjoy your soup.

The Italian Slow Cooker Paperback by Michelle Scicolone

Do you crave the taste of Italian food? Michelle Scicolone brings you this convenience in the best selling Italian Soup Recipe Book. This soup book combines the exuberant flavours of fresh Italian food. It follows simple techniques with the help of a slow cooker meaning you don’t have to be a veteran in the kitchen to make tasty soup that everyone in the family will love.

This book goes beyond the usual simple techniques that use the usual ingredients to make carefree soup. Even if you don’t have an hour to prepare the soup, you get a chance to toss in the ingredients and hours later, the perfect soup will be waiting.

New England Soup Factory Cookbook by Marjorie Druker and Clara Silverstein

This soup book is inspired by a passion for what people like to eat. From the time that Marjorie read about the stone soup, she has always wanted to create something from our most common picks for everyday dining. The book presents us with 100 recipes from New England Soup Factory Restaurant.

You get to recreate what is on their menu which consists of traditional and best-tasting creative soups. Not only that, you have an additional page of salads and sandwiches to accompany your soup.

Soup Maker Recipe Book: 100 Nutritious and Delicious Soup Recipes by Liana Green

If you own a soup maker, this recipe book is your best bet for making the most of your soup making machine. It allows you to make homemade soups from scratch even if you are a discriminating cook or you rarely have time to conjure soup.

Liana Green includes soup recipes for everyone including traditional soups like chicken soup, leek, tomato soup to more unique ones like Turkey with ginger and cauliflower cheese. Now you can indulge in soups that improve your health and even help picky eaters eat more vegetables.

200 Super Soups: Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook by Sarah Lewis

Soup is everyone’s comfort food. You will rarely mess up soup, but ideas can run out fast. But Sarah Lewis gives us a professional look in making low-fat, high-nutrient soups. It gives you 200 recipes from classic soups like potato and parsley soup to exotic ideas of making chilled soups for the summer.

Sarah Lewis provides you with easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by colourful pictures so that you know exactly how your soup will look like when you make it. She gives you a set of metrics which are easy to use either in Kg or pounds so that you can use familiar measurements.

This book entails well-thought instructions like how to make different kinds of stock from scratch. From chicken to fish and vegetable stock, you will no longer be buying canned stock when you can make your own. Sarah draws from life experiences and of course her grandmother’s kitchen. She will leave you all smiles with the best soup recipes.

Carbs and Cals Soups: 80 Healthy Soup Recipes and 275 Photos of Ingredients

If you value knowing the numbers in your food, this recipe book will be of great help. It gives you the values for the carbs, proteins, fibre, and fat content in every soup you make. It also contains 5-day plans so you can plan ahead and have all the ingredients ahead of time.

You also get 1700 food and drink photos so you will get a visual idea of the calories you need to take in a day. The soups range from low-calorie recipes to high-fibre and high-protein soups. It also gives you the ideal accompaniments for each type of soup meaning you are not stuck with bread.

The Soup Book by DK and Sophie Grigson

This recipe book also advocates homemade soup. It offers you hearty and healthy soups so that you can get good results each time. With this book, you will discover over 150 soup recipes that we have all come to love. It also includes traditional recipes like pumpkin and potato soup. It also gives us other unusual recipes like the Portuguese and Pomegranate soup.

This book gives you access to handy tips for making a puree and also making stock. All the techniques are explained step-by-step meaning you will know the cooking times and nutrition information of your ingredients. This soup book will come in handy for making revolutionized soups all year round.

Good Food: Soups and Sides by Sharon Brown

The Good Food Soup Book provides you with all the recipes you’d ever need from summery lunches to weeknight side dishes for the winter. If you don’t have an idea when it comes to dinners and starters, this book will be an asset to your dining table. With 101 soups and side dishes, you have will have more than enough inspiration for everyday soup making.

With each recipe comes a breakdown of the nutritional value. If you want to make healthier food choices or you are on a weight loss journey, this book will provide you a good idea of the calories you are taking. It has colour photographs that help you make the process easier and the end result becomes much more satisfying.

Sharon Brown also offers you great ideas about making fresh salads and chilled seasonal soups. The good thing is that it is triple-tested by UK’s best-selling cookery magazine; Good Food. As such, you can take on these recipes with complete confidence.

SOUP: 25 Recipes by Teresa Mary Carr

There are hundreds of soup recipes, but if you want to be a master of just a few, here’s a recipe book that you will love. This book gives you a variety of soups which will get you eating soup every day. In fact, Teresa Mary Carr has discovered all-time-favourite soups from Thai to French, Jamaican, Chinese, and even Moroccan soup recipes.

This soup book teaches you how to be an expert in the kitchen. You will no longer have to buy soup in a tin as it gives you the inspiration to start enjoying diversified soups with low salt, and with your chosen ingredients.

Teresa Mary Carr gives you a brief description of every soup in her book. This gives you an idea of where the soup originated and why it is was beneficial then and now. You will find interesting stories about the people who love that particular kind of soup so you too can indulge with confidence.


These soup recipe books are the total package. They cover delicious recipes that are aimed at getting you to eat more soup. They also include beautiful photography alongside the soups we’ve come to love on our dining tables. These writers share their inspiration and intriguing stories of their love for soup. We believe they will be kitchen staples that will be passed on from generation to generation.





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