Soup Maker Reviews – Don’t Buy Until You’ve See The Top 10 Best Soup Makers On The Market in 2018

Here’s the reviews of the 10 Best Soup Makers in the market.

There’s more to choosing a soup maker than meets the eye. Apart from the price, some distinguishing features make some models stand out more than others.

Here’s the top 10 soup maker reviews. Our focus is on the leading soup makers money can buy:

10 Best Soup Maker Reviews:

  Product Name Image Standout Features
10. Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker   Ø  Makes soup in 30 minutes

Ø  Four automatic settings

Ø  Blends without heating

Ø  75-100 Temperature Settings

Ø  2L capacity

9 BERG 1350W Soup Maker/ Smoothie Maker


  Ø  1.7L capacity

Ø  1350W combined power

Ø  Blending and ice crushing functions

Ø  3 temperature settings

8. Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender   Ø  4-program settings

Ø  1.7L capacity

Ø  4-piece food-grade stainless steel blade

Ø  900W heater power

Ø  350W blender power

Ø  Cleans using a brush

7. Cooks Professional Electric Soup and Smoothie Maker   Ø  1100W

Ø  Reheat and boil function

Ø  Manual pulse function

Ø  Inbuilt safety features

Ø  1.7L capacity


6. Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker   Ø  3 soup functions

Ø  Portion control

Ø  Automatic pre-heat and keep warm

Ø  Sauté feature

Ø  Pre-clean setting

Ø  Can make cold smoothies

5. Salter EK 1548 Electric Soup Maker   Ø  Three automatic settings

Ø  Uses an intelligent control system

Ø  1300-1600ml capacity

Ø  Jug detaches from unit

4. Salter EK2411 Soup Maker Ø  Four automatic settings

Ø  1.1L stainless steel jug

Ø  Intelligent control system

Ø  Includes a cleaning brush and cloth


3. Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker   Ø  Four recipe functions and one clean feature

Ø  Can blend without heat

Ø  Large control panel

Ø  40-minute keep warm mode

Ø  Removable power cord

2. Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker   Ø  Sauté function

Ø  Four automatic settings

Ø  It has a pause function

Ø  1.6L capacity prepares soup for 4 people

Ø  Non-stick coating

Ø  Cooks soup in 21 minutes

1. Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker Ø  Motorised blade

Ø  1.6L soup capacity

Ø  Non-stick coating

Ø  Four controls located on the lid

Ø  1000W

Ø  Smooth and chunky soup settings

Buying Guide to the Best Soup Maker

Why should you get a Soup Maker?

Soup seems simple to make, but once you get down to making one, it turns out to be a tedious process. A soup maker gives you the convenience of skipping most steps in soup making. Here’s why should get one:

Saves time and space

Using a soup maker saves you time. It takes like twenty minutes to get your favourite healthy soup ready. It’s also a nifty contraption that will barely take up space. In times where it’s a daily struggle to find extra space on your kitchen top, we are glad a soup maker won’t be one of those you keep pushing around.

A healthier option for a tasty meal

You know what’s in your soup. It’s not like one of those in a can, stuffed with preservatives and additives. You get yourself a serving of healthy nutrients garnered from the ingredients you choose.

Simple but diverse

All you need to do is press a button. Soup makers can cook and blend your soup to a smooth consistency. Some designs also sauté the food before cooking and blending. Not to mention, you can choose to make it chunky or even go for a milkshake or fruit smoothie with this gadget.

We can’t really exhaust the reasons why it’s a great idea to get a soup maker, but we believe you are here because you want one. So, let’s get to it.

Types of Soup Makers

We all have our preferences to the kind of soup we love. Instead of going blind on a soup maker, let’s see the types to expect.

Kettle vs. Blender Style

These are the two major types of soup makers. As their names indicate, one resembles a kettle and the other a blender. Kettle soup makers are more popular than blender soup makers because they are cheaper.

Kettle Soup Makers

Soup making kettles like the Morphy Richards offer users the choice to sauté and soup their soup. They have a fixed minimum and maximum to ensure you don’t squeeze in too many ingredients that will compromise the cooking.

Kettle soup makers have a metal exterior, so you won’t see how the soup is cooking. The kettle jug comes with blending blades and a heating element at the bottom which will prepare soup in around 20-30 minutes.

These soup makers also allow you to make smooth or chunky soups plus they can create fruit juices and cold smoothies using their cold blending function.

Blender Soup Makers

The blender soup maker has nearly the same functions as a regular blender only that it is larger and it has a heating element at the bottom to cook the soup. They have a plastic or glass jug that allows you to see the ingredients while cooking.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Soup Maker

Ease of Cleaning

Some people are of the notion that a blender takes longer to clean than a kettle. But the idea is to look for a soup maker that is as easy to use as it is easy to clean. Some models have non-stick coats while others carry dishwasher safe parts. These features can reduce your cleaning time significantly.

How many people do you plan to treat to a bowl of soup?

Here, we are talking about the capacity. If you are just picking one for yourself, 0.8L capacity will be a good pick, but it will be barely enough for a family of six. In this case, you can go for one with a 2-liter capacity to avoid going back to the kitchen.


Ideally, you should set up your gadget fast and easy. There’s no humour in fiddling with the lid when your soup is hot and ready for serving.

How important is the sauté feature?

Some soup makers have a hot plate where you can fry your ingredients lightly. Say you have onions, garlic, bacon, and other spices; fry them by adding some oil to the plate before cooking. This feature gives your soup a flavourful taste.

Texture Options

The blending function allows you to choose the consistency of your soup. It can be smooth, chunky, or in-between. We’ll be telling you which of our models will give you such options.

Interrupt Feature

If you tend to forget some ingredients, you’ll want to add them during the cooking process. A soup maker with an interrupt feature in their program cycle allows you to pause the cooking process and add spices halfway into the cooking.

How much do Soup Makers Cost?

The number of functions in your soup maker usually dictates the price. You can expect to spend anywhere from £40 to £140. This price range covers basic soup makers whose primary reason is making soup to others have more features like cold blending and sautéing which have a higher price tag.

Top 10 Soup Makers in a little more detail…

  1. Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker- Best Digital Soup Maker

We start off with this blender style soup maker by Lakeland. It is a unique model that uses a touchscreen control panel for simple selection of programmes. It looks modern for the sleek kitchen where everything blends in.

This unit features advanced functions that are worth looking at if you want a sophisticated soup maker. First, it allows you to put everything in and cook for up to one hour. It gives you that tasty traditionally cooked soup that used to stay in the pot for hours so that every flavour can sink in.

This soup maker has a blending function with three blend speeds. It can also crush ice when you need a frozen drink in summer. A countdown timer and alert features are included meaning you’ll never miss when your soup gets ready.


  • Large 2L capacity for diverse use
  • It has a non-stick interior


  • The jug is heavy when empty and even heavier when full

My Verdict:

This soup maker can go from making refreshing smoothies to delicious soups. It includes all the features that make the whole process a breeze. If you want a digital unit that offers a touchscreen panel without compromising on its capabilities, you’ll have a great time using the Lakeland kettle soup maker.

  1. BERG 1350W Soup Maker/ Smoothie Maker- Best Soup Maker with an Ice-Crushing Function

You don’t have to be a soup expert to use the Berg Soup Maker. It gives your soup a professional taste as it combines both blending and cooking functions into one.

With three temperature settings, you have the option to simmer your soup or bring it to a boil. It also has a blending function that comes in handy when making cold purees, dips, and smoothies.

The razor sharp blades can chop and mince just about any ingredient thanks to the 1350W combined power. There’s a digital countdown and a temperature display to help you see the selected modes and time settings. It also includes an anti-spillover feature to eliminate chances of hot soup spilling as it cooks.


  • 7L capacity can make soup for six people
  • It has a crush ice feature


  • It is noisy especially when using the blend function

My Verdict:

The Berg Soup Maker is an excellent choice for homemade soups. It exhibits versatility through the additional features like separate blending and ice crushing. You don’t have to put it away in the summer’s heat. You can make cold drinks as you can make hot soups in winter.

  1. Duronic BL78 Soup Maker Blender- Best Budget-Friendly Soup Maker

The Duronic BL78 is quite a functional design. It features a 4-piece blade that will chop up your ingredients as they warm up using the heating element at the base of the jug.

You’ll have a wide choice of soups to make since it can blend all types of unprocessed foods as they become tender. From leek to chicken, carrot, fish, and many others this soup maker brings you the convenience of having something new and tasty with an affordable soup maker.

The clear jug gives you a nice view of what’s happening. You can be sure that your soup will turn out the way you imagined as you prepared the ingredients. With a 1.7-liter capacity, this soup maker can make up to four servings.

We like the quality of this model. It uses food-grade stainless steel on the blade and a high-quality glass jug. It will look great on your kitchen top as it goes well with any décor.


  • Cleans easy using a cleaning brush
  • High blending and heating power for smooth soups


  • It does not have a sautéing option

My Verdict:

If you are up to a soup making day, Duronic BL78 gives you a simple way to make your soup. All the ingredients you want for your soup go in one jug, and it does both the blending and the cooking. It combines a high power heater and motor to give you smooth or chunky soup. However, it does not have a hot plate for sautéing. As such, it’s only practical if you are looking to have soup the traditional way of boiling and blending.

  1. Cooks Professional Electric Soup and Smoothie Maker –Best Multipurpose Blender Soup Maker

Create a range of tasty soups and smoothies with the help of the Cooks Professional Electric Soup Maker. Operating at 1100W, this model is ideal for preparing fresh soups with no mess and very little effort. It takes the hard work of cooking and blending the ingredients in separate pots and blender.

This gadget has a smooth and chunky option so you can have soup the way you like it. This maker also provides a reheat and boil function meaning you can make soup hours before dinner and then reheat it when the table is set.

Not to mention, it has a pulse function in the blending feature which you can use to make cold shakes, juices, and smoothies.


  • It has a maximum fill line and anti-dry shut off feature
  • It automatically shuts off when the lid is removed in the middle of cooking


  • The jug is quite massive at 4kgs when empty

My Verdict:

A flexible and efficient soup maker is what the Cooks professional is all about. It simplifies the whole soup making processing by just putting your ingredients, selecting the mode, and waiting as it does all the work for you. It has quick and slow cooking settings alongside the regular smooth or chunky functions.

  1. Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control Soup Maker- Best High-End Soup Maker

If you are looking for a technologically advanced model and don’t mind to pay extra, Morphy Richards is an impressive choice. It features Smart Response Technology that allows setting the unit to give the consistency you love.

The manual blend function is essential when you need to tweak your soup if you are not comfortable with one of the three (smooth, medium, or chunky) settings.

The soup maker has a sauté function. You can bring in ingredients that need slight frying to improve the flavor of your soup. With the portion control feature, you can be sure that the soup is going to be enough for four people and even save time when making just enough for two.


  • Features reheat and keep warm functions
  • Pre-clean function rinses the jug


  • The nine functions can be a little complicated if you are not familiar with Morphy Richards soup makers

My Verdict:

This soup maker is one of our favourites. All the nine functions are significantly useful as they give you enough flexibility when using this unit. You can blend smoothies, make drinks, sauté, and choose the consistency of your soup. You’ll pay extra for the advanced settings like pre-clean and reheat, but it’s understandable for the quality you are getting.

  1. Salter EK 1548 Electric Soup Maker- Best Soup Maker for Busy Professionals

Salter is a popular model among soup lovers. It boasts useful features designed to help you make great soup with as little effort as possible. This might be your next favourite kitchen gadget as it cooks your soup within 20 minutes. No need to watch the kettle since it has a control feature which prevents overspill and dry burning. Just set the timer and mode, and the unit goes to work.

You’ll have three settings to work with. They include puree, chunky, and blend modes, to help achieve the kind of consistency you like for your soup. You’ll also love working with a jug that detaches from the unit for easy cleaning afterward.


  • Stainless steel jug has a 1600ml capacity
  • It allows use with cubed pieces that don’t have to be teeny-tiny


  • It can burn food at the bottom if you don’t stir the oil in

My Verdict:

Salter designs this soup maker so easy to use that you don’t have to hassle with the settings. It is ideal for any busy professional who doesn’t like wasting time preparing soup for their lunches. You can do other things as your soup to-go gets cooked on a busy morning. You just have to ensure you’ve put enough oil so it won’t burn to the bottom.

  1. Salter EK411 Soup Maker- Best Average Capacity Soup Maker

Homemade soup is unique and delicious. And when you get to make it on your own terms, it’s much more fulfilling.

With the Salter EK411, you’ll be making with soup and juices with no hassle. It has four cooking programmes that you just press a button and choose your desired mode.

This soup maker comes with a 1.1L stainless steel jug. It is an exceptional alternative when you want to include a friend. You’ll have healthy options for meals as you get to enjoy choosing your favourite ingredients for your soup. It even has a pouring lip which helps you to avoid messes as you serve your soup.


  • Four automatic soup settings
  • Stainless steel jug is super easy to clean


  • The jug needs oiling to prevent food from sticking to the bottom

My Verdict:

If you love making your own soup, this maker is such a great choice. It doesn’t have a large capacity, but you can make delicious soups that you and your family can enjoy. It uses an automatic system and an intelligent control mechanism. You can skip all the messy stuff and enjoy a bowl of soup with a maker that doesn’t skimp on quality.

  1. Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker- Best Easy-to-Use Soup Maker

Tefal brings us ideas that we love to bring to the table. This particular soup maker cooks as it blends. It saves you time since it takes just a couple of minutes to prepare appetizing soups for all to enjoy. It offers impressive flexibility meaning you can get creamy soup and chunky soup.

You can prepare soups up to two hours in advance, and it will still be steaming hot when it’s time to serve. It’s a great advantage if you have chores lined up to complete and only enough time to prepare the ingredients.

This maker also includes two non-cooking programmes for smoothies and compote making. From a nutritious breakfast to a healthy lunch, this is your go-to maker for effortless soup making.


  • Double-walled to retain temperature after cooking
  • Comes with a unique recipe book with 30 recipes


  • It has a high-minimum which limits the smallest portion to three

My Verdict:

This is perhaps the most straightforward soup maker. It has buttons for everything so you won’t be guessing the time when you need to make a particular item. It is for anyone who does not have that much experience in the kitchen. It even has a button for making a compote; isn’t that convenient?

  1. Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker- Best High-Value Soup Maker

The Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker is one of the most sought soup makers. Its sauté function allows you to add the ingredients you want to fry and tweak your soup the way you like it.

A unique feature of this model is the pause function. You can add seasoning as you cook by removing the lid. When you reapply it, the maker will continue to cook your soup from where it left off. With this soup maker, you get to have smooth soup, juices, or soup with some bite in it.

The stainless steel jug has a 1.6L capacity ideal for four people. And when you are done with the cooking, the maker is fast to clean by a quick rinse and wiping with a soapy sponge. It has a non-stick interior, so nothing gets stuck or burned.


  • Unique sauté function for maximum flavour
  • It has an LED countdown function


  • The blade is not the best quality you’ll want to take extra care not to knock it against something when cleaning

My Verdict:

If you need a soup maker that can create fruit smoothies and juices as much as it can make great soup, this model seems to fit the bill. But you’ll want to include water and stock when making soup from sugary or starchy foods to prevent sticking.

  1. Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker- Best Overall Kettle Soup Maker

If you are not into sautéing and just want your soup brought to a boil fast and easy, Morphy Richards 48222 is a good addition to your kitchen. It has a motorised blending blade which chops and minces everything into the thickness you’d like. You just have to select the thickness you’d like on the control panel.

Juice and manual blend functions are great options for making cold drinks. It is your go-to during the hot months as you won’t be investing in a blender just to have a smoothie. The all-around functions suit the busy mom who needs an appliance that saves you energy and time.

In around 25 minutes you will be serving soup to your guests out of the stainless steel jug. It has a 1.6L soup capacity that is enough for up to six people. This is a practical unit that won’t be sitting in your kitchen since you’ll never run out of ideas on what to make with it.


  • The stainless jug is easy to clean
  • It has a one-step operation for smooth or chunky soup


  • It’s not great for complicated recipes since it does not have a pause feature

My Verdict:

If you are not sure how to go around making soup, this model will prove very useful. It doesn’t need a kitchen veteran to figure out what to do with ingredients. It is the most popular brand in the Morphy Richards series, and it’s for a good reason. Try it out and see why others love it.


Soup making has always been a messy and tiring task. But it needn’t be; at least not with one of the units on our list. These soup makers come from reputable brands. They span across the needs of many users from automatic settings to sautéing, ease of cleaning, and cold blending.

You will be making soup with only one utensil to clean, and you can relax as you wait for the soup to be ready. You no longer need to hover around so that your soup doesn’t burn. The soup maker will beep to alert you when it’s ready.

These models are sturdy. They feature both kettle and blender designs with durable constructions for long-term use. You’ll find glass, aluminum, and stainless steel jugs. Although you’ll need to be a little more careful with hot glass, none of these units present a defect in their quality.

Say hello to stress-free soup making with one of the Top 10 Best Soup Makers today.